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Week 41 - Open Windows

I already posted about the window change. I even wrote a song about it... which I haven't posted. But, for those of you who somehow missed the post below this post (unless you are reading this as a separate post, in an unforeseeable future where these posts are no longer so easily interlinked, in which case such an occurrence is easy to understand)... we changed our windows.

For the most part of this week, the double bed in the guest room was leaned against the wall, all plants piled up on the dining room table, bedroom sofas and tables placed upon the beds, my carpet rolled around the bed, everything covered in dust, tools strewn around along with boxes full of material, garbage bags and fragments of old paint and wool fiber. Such is not the case any longer! The house is being thoroughly vacuumed for the first time in years, curtains are being put back up, along with their holders, paintings, carpets, furniture and other material possessions that have been temporarily strewn around desks and tables. It's been an interesting set of days. It's also been made clear we have too much junk... or that the house is too small.

I woke up before seven each day, and though I was incredibly tired for a while, I imagined I had eventually set myself into this routine... until Saturday. Ugh. I woke up after eight (like the candy) and was stumbling around the house with burning eyes all day, until I stumbled back into bed and fell asleep by ten... and woke up after eight again. Lost sleep amounting to long weekend rest? Whatever it is, it's the right time for it. It's Sunday! Woo, yeah. The one day when tasks can be accomplished without any overlying pressure.

I'm competing in a couple of photo competitions, looking around for free stuff, wondering how I'm going to get rid of a couple of bags full of VHS tapes (nobody wants VHS anymore, not even second-hand stores) and working on a preloader for a Halloween Collab. When that's done, I can start working on my entry for the collab! It's going to be fun... but I'm kinda leaning towards just letting that project rest a while until I make my way through Adventure Story. Heed warning if you click that link though, noble visitor, it is addicting!

As far as music ventures are concerned, I've been writing a bit, but not recording anythingo. Not this week. Next one, maybe. I watched a couple of movies and will post a couple of reviews. Hmm, there's not much more to tell so I'll bid thee farewell... for now, and here's last week. Have a good remaining weekend!

Week 40 - Still Busy?

Define busy. Is reviewing artwork on NG busy? How about playing games to attain medals? What about fixing up previously unposted drafts on my blog? I should be looking for a job (I'm actually waiting on a call from one potential employer), but instead I waste my time with such dabble. Not all the time, but plenty of time I could spend doing other things. Not that it's wasted time if I enjoy it, but the problem is I don't fully enjoy it when I know I should be doing other things...

Tomorrow will really mark the start of a busy week though. All the houses in our community have been getting new windows and ours is last in line. So at seven zero zero workers will storm the doors, rev their saws; start cutting out old windows, start putting in new ones, and for the following 2-3 days (not nights) keep at it till the dust has settled, they leave us in peace; we are left with brand new sublimely isolated square shards of glass in frames that won't creak when they open or let in the cold this winter. I'm looking forward to it! I'm also kind of excited about just being able to take a long walk with a good conscience when they get upstairs and I'm forced to get out. I won't be able to sit by the computer anyway.

Speaking of the computer, I'm just about to take a backup, just in case... something terrible happens, like, they drop a window on my hard drive... who knows right? Better safe and sorry than just sorry. I'll see you next week; here's /week-38-39-busy.html">last.

Week 38 & 39 - Busy

Setting? Settling. Hectic. Subject? Projective. Objective: post update, neglective - corrective.

Live and let live! Later. Last weeks.

Week 35, 36 & 37 - I'm Back

I haveth returned!

Sept 2 2013. From the deep Northern Norths I crawled forth, reached a sprawled horse, gave him water and then roared like a warlord forth till I reached the source, enforced doors above a porch, but with a key I breached the walls and waltzed into the hall of the house I call my all with a suitcase packed so fat it almost made me fall and a backpack that cracked my back and made me small.

Then I've been sitting by the PC, I ate fish n chips once, fingers were greasy believe me. Life in Bro has been easy yet energy depleting, I'm seeking to find meaning and a little work between meaning seeking, occasionally practicing my tracks with acts of speaking, and many acts I'm keeping. I eat sleaze but still don't have the cheese that I may be needing. Been weeding, cleaning, packing up my green things, fetched from the patch North with pathways between them. Occasionally I'm perched like a bird eating Perch that I caught on a mean swim, but that line may not mean things, it's a mix of truth and dreaming. I did bring perch though, seven and a third's ghost. I also brought potatoes, salad, tomatoes, vegetables I don't know the name of I'd like to slice and dice with a sable, but I think I'll save that for later.

I brought a huge to-do list, and I've soon been through it, but the most important do-it's are still left until I'm through this. Blog post, I can't say that I've blogged most, this year, but this here's the first triple-weekly summary I've posted since I appeared out of thin air, , a bit rare, since time has been a bit scarce, also I've been procrastinating like I've missed at least twenty six years. So it's clear, share this with your friends and foes and poke your nose as open prose goes in your ear and... then out it goes.

To sum up three weeks like my life is. It's been strifeless. I went on a pizza buffe and ate nine slices, sat glued by my devices on nine nights without moving my eyelids, waking up surprised that I live. And life is, just the same as when I left, I picked a bag of apples, not to say it was a theft. I had permission believe me, in exchange for a zucchini, we grew up North in the greenhouse; we have what we need. But not fruits mind you, so I'm going to climb two, trees and pick all the pears and plumbs I have a mind to. And then dine huge and fruity like this house is my zoo.

I've been shopping food and shoes, and huge lighters in twos, with built-in flashlights if you don't want to light a fuse. Been away on a game night, on a long walk that same night. And I've been to Gröna Lund, on all of the main rides. It's Stockholm's renowned theme park, the days before they seemed dark, I fought the flu but made it through though I didn't expect to, in time to meet my brother and my nephew and a friend of his, they all stepped through, the doors of my house and stayed here for the next two, days. Late nights and games to play, then they went by train back to a home away. My sister's been on a visit, and buddies I've been missing, and time it flies as alibis it's still the same existence. I don't get 34h days no matter how I wish it, but maybe I'll live dazed till I'm aged like a wistful wizard.

Anyway, that's how I've spent my days these past two weeks. First week flu, next week dwelling, occasional book-selling (course literature), a lot of other projects ending, and starting and pretending, weekend time well-thinned by events and well friends. Week 35 I was still North, breathing fresh air (there's considerably less here), swimming in the lake every day always great feeling swell when I wake, now I vent to escape. This week soon ends, so then I'll make, a new post, see you then and do note (Note what? I don't know, to vote?). Here's last week.

Week 34 - Last Week...

Last week was speakably weak and fast (though much work/joy amassed) and passed but the past's been a blast when I, at last, look back at the past in two and a half months passed on my last week here in the free wild last wild patch of green, white, black, blue, leafs turning yellow, red like a rash - fall is closing in and I stall when I bath. A chill's cold like a wraith and I'm chased by its wrath. But alas: re:fresh after that, the aftermath's a faster laugh and flashier flabs of fragrant fat. And that's that, my last told blog sourced from my stronghold in the cool cold beautiful old bold North: gong, fold. I might, see you in a week and a night; write from the city with blinding bright lights and gritty skies. Time flies. Last weeks.

Week 32 & 33 - Hmmm..

We ventured to Kalix last week, the day after we planned to, and I would've written then if they hadn't recently introduced a brand new booking system for their public library computers which lets users hold a computer for an extensive unmarked amount of time, meaning there were no computers available; meaning there really is no booking system at all. Progress for the worse. Seeing my predicament, a kind librarian offered her own computer instead (though just for a quick check of email), a much appreciated act of unreserved kindness that I now blogfully announce in tribute.

But anyway, today's a rainy day, I rode on paved gray roads through rainy loads corroding the evading quay of lorries and worrisome strays. I bought a box of LEGO for only fifty S E K, a couple of comics and a game to train my brain and make it great like an old tape of Ice (Cube) Tray and Dre. As always time is getting late; spending just an hour every other week to meet the net it leaves no time for other needs, but on the other hand I'm trouble free, in mind I'm a double me that loves to breath, a smug emcee hugging trees and jumping in a giant tub of leaves. Free. Peace. Last week.

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