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Week 11 - Five Essay Day & Six Others

So what's new? I've been learning Japanese with an online buddy for a couple of weeks, just a few words a day, and it was going OK until we started working on sentences. Looks like learning the words might be a better choice. In other news one of the few artists I follow just released a free mixtape. If you know me, then it's obviously Yelawolf, and you can download Trunk Muzik Returns for free (it's legal too, custom beats). I was actually prepared to pay for it, but what the hell was I thinking anyway, it's a mixtape! Wonder if they'll be making a 0.60 version of this with a refined track set later on. That would be neat.

Yesterday was a hectic day. I wrote five essays. I started early morning, ate breakfast, kept going, took a walk, got to it, took a walk, ate lunch, dove back in, procrastinated momentarily, found my willpower, checked some YouTube videos, found something inspiring, wrote the final two in one go and handed it all in twenty minutes before midnight. Feels good, and this week is starting better than last one. Starting with progress, just bam, a perfect screwdiver straight into an ocean of creativity. Otherwise there's been a lot of sunny days and sitting inside working on varied tasks that... I don't feel like talking about. You probably wouldn't be interested in hearing about them either. I'll post something when I have something to say so... until then!

Here's last week's post.

Week 10 - Writer's BLOCK

Finally! Hah! Yeah! I just finished a short story I should have handed in on Wednesday. Booyah. Doesn't that sound like a reason for celebration? Well it is, because I'd started to wonder if I'd be able to hand in this assignment at all. I'd like to say it's been a sever case of flu or something that came in the way of the task at hand, but it was shamefully just a severe case of procrastination. Or maybe I should call it a severe case of writer's block. That seems to be a popular term nowadays.

I actually started working on a text at the very start of the week, but it didn't take long before I was stuck. It felt impossible to write anything, and even more impossible to make the idea last more than the minimum 2000 words, so, I stopped working on it. I went back to it the next day, and wasted a measurable amount of time attempting to write something. It didn't work. On Wednesday? Impossible. I wrote a couple of new ideas and tried developing those but it just DID NOT FUNCTION! ARGH! It was like hammering a toothpick into a concrete wall.

And then late last night, when I was on the verge of giving up, a name popped into my mind: Lorna. I don't know where I've heard that name before (I am assuming I have heard it before since it does exist), but it was perfect, and it seemed like the plot surrounding this name developed itself. I started thinking of hibis or hubris or something like that, and an isolated mountain village, and a fire, and ancient civilization, and suddenly the story was paved. It was still harder to write than it should have been; alternative tasks have been competing for my attention all day, but I made it, I handed it in, it's over! YES! Now I just gotta finish another assignment I've left as second priority before midnight... wish me luck.

Oh btw, here's last week's post. Night.

Week 9 - Spring Sprung In

Last week. This week? The snow is melting! The sunrays are straddling down through soft plume-like clouds! The world is bright and wonderful and warm and yet the roads are walled with snow and nature sparkles as a band of fallen stars upon the ground! So yeah, I looked out the window and the week flew by. Still studies, ugh. Still NG, woo. Got rid of that cold too, so I know you know truth when you see it spoken by broke youth in slow tubelike contraptions that glow blue (subways). Now might be a good time to get some lyrics written. :) Later.

Week 8 - Still Got A Chill

I wrote this on Sunday. I'm only posting it now. Yes, I even wrote that I'm posting it now, on Sunday, when I wrote this. That's the way I write some times: ahead of my time. ;)

I wrote this but didn't post it because it was technically early Monday morning, late Sunday night, and the computer was finally powered down after a day's hard work. More like a night's hard work. The day actually consisted mostly of tasks such as trying to attain all medals on this game (no luck), attain medals on other games (luck - or a skill/luck combo) and taking a short walk. It wasn't the most amazing Sunday ever, and I'm still partially pestered by that cold that struck me last Monday. It's been pestering me the whole week, and is also the reason I haven't really been minding studies as I should have, so they piled up again and I'm up past midnight handing stuff in, again. Fortunately there's been some trouble with the university server during the day so they extended the deadline a bit past twelve, meaning I won't miss it. I had another course I should've handed in another assignment for, but instead of doing that I've been doing other things, like socializing with people around the globe AKA procrastinating.

As you probably get from the tone of this post, I'm not in my happiest of moods right now, but that doesn't matter. Today is a day when I wake up. Assuming I fall asleep. You know, just a simple cold can really mess with routine and plan and everything. But it puts things in perspective, and the week hasn't been all bad. I teamed up with another NG user and made this, which won a portal award yesterday! My first one! :) So cheer up, me, ok? It's only February and the whole year's ahead of you (me)! Now I'm (you) going to... do something useful? When I post this, I'm going to be happy again. It's a new day after all! Here's last week.

Oh btw, I am happy again <--- written right now, a head of my time. Also the post title's in cypher, figure it out.

Week 7 - The Cold War

Valentine passed quickly. I baked a meringue cake, drew a card, wrote a verse and bought some stuff. Mom baked another cake, made some pie and then she retired to sleep the rest of the day while guests arrived and everyone had a good time. She's been fighting a cold recently. So have I, though before today it seemed like I wouldn't be actually getting it after all. It presented itself as a wave of fatigue and an itch in the back of my throat and that's the way it's been the past week. That is, until I was stupid enough to get up at 5:30 yesterday and stay by the computer till midnight.

Needless to say I woke up feeling a bit snotty today, but that was inescapable, I had some studies that needed doing and feeling tired and whatnot I didn't get that much done until the very last day before deadline. Otherwise? More studies, and some NG. I made a game for Valentine's Day too, a simple gadget in which you click hearts and make patterns. You can also check out some of the patterns you can make with the game on this page. That, and much more, the variations are endless! If you make any yourself feel free to send them in and I'll add them.

So that was this week. I mean last week, cause I was supposed to post this yesterday but time ran out. What's happening this week? I don't know, I'll probably lie dormant a while gaining energy, and spend the rest of the days as previous weeks. Sites, studies and NG. Nothing really interesting. Here's last week.

Week 6 - Back To The BBS

I never mentioned what I'd be working with the past week (apart from 'real' work, I'm talking my weekly projects) but now that it's over I guess that the project of the week was getting back to posting at the NG forums. On the first of February I reached 14,000 posts, and yesterday I reached 15,000. For the past week or so the forums have been the first thing I open when I sit down by the PC early morning and the last thing I shut down before I go to bed. I feel I've been missing out all these years that I didn't post at the forums, cause interacting with people from all over the world is.... fun! I probably need to get out more. :D

Anyway, my project for the next week is: Valentine. It's my dad's birthday the same day, and he's turning 70 (and I don't think he's reading this blog) so that's something we're going to celebrate. Yeah. We never have any real Valentine's Day in the family since all the <3 gets poured into this yearly event. Otherwise I'll probably be more active at the NG than I'll be here... this week. I'm a few reviews from being the third user ever pentalisted, so that's something to look forward to! Studies are piling up too. Gotta make sure I don't fall behind like last... always. What's your greatest advice against procrastination?

Btw, I started the year posting these weekly posts at the start of each week, but that's getting confusing so from now on they'll be posted at the end of the week instead. I'll see you later.

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