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Week 5 - Reviews

So last week I took a walk with buddy Bear. According to his usefully portable tracking device we walked 26,37km, but it wasn't on all the way so it's probably more like 27-28km. It might just be the longest distance I've walked in a day, though we did stop for lunch by the road. Overall it was a refreshing haul, walking from dawn to nightfall with no rest or stress at all. Here's the route.

The Long Route

The Short Route

Also, a measurement for anyone who wants to go the distance. :P


I had a problem with my left knee the day after the walk, pain every time I bent the leg, especially when I put pressure on it. Walking down stairs was hellish for, but whatever it was it's gone now. Maybe I twisted it or something? IDK. Didn't notice anything while I was walking.

This week I'm writing reviews though. An average 100/reviews per day is the goal, so that should be interesting. :) Not much time for blogging then...

Week 4 - The Long Walk

Mystery week passed fast. I mean fast. I mean I barely even remember what I did last week. I probably watched a few movies though because I just posted a ton of reviews that have been piling up, along with a few other posts that I had saved as drafts. There's the post flood, finally! Still have a bunch of drafts lying around but it's late and I have to... watch a movie. So those will have to wait.

About the mystery event last week, it's still floating around behind a fuzzy veil of nothingness. I mean I didn't do anything special. For the first time this year I failed with my mission of either doing something special one day in a week or doing something consistent every day in a week alternatingly every week. By the look of things, this week is going the same way. Btw, I just went back and updated the earlier two weekly posts with links back to the previous posts, like I have in this one. So at the end of the year, maybe you'll be able to backtrack through all 52 of them (if I get to posting all of them) by clicking the links in each one. Nifty eh? Though I'd be amazed if anyone really did backtrack through a whole year worth of weekly events...

So last week was a failed experiment. I have an excuse though: studies. The passed Sunday was the last day to hand in everything for the last semester, and I almost made it except for... one course. Ok so 1 course might be a big thing, but at least I cleared 75%, which grants me funds for this new semester. And this week is the start of the next semester. All the three courses I will be attending this year started on Monday, so I've been busy reading up on syllabuses and schedules and ordering books and stuff. I'm also back to reviewing at NG, and I'm still working on the 2013 design.

Not sure what the project will be for this week, if there will be one. Oh btw, turns out I do know, my buddy Bear is visiting this weekend and we'll be walking all the way from Bro > Kallhäll. That's about 15km. If we're not completely exhausted upon reaching Kallhäll we'll keep going > Viksjö. That's about 15km more. If I'm not completely exhausted when I get there, I'll walk back! So it's a one-day-event this week. I'll let you know how it goes in the post next week. :)

Week 3 - Mystery Week

I'm up early today, downloading audio like there's no tomorrow. My NG AP Collection is growing substantially, and I made a new backup yesterday, but it's far from complete yet. Complete. That's a word you probably can't apply to some things in life, things like a website, or a blog, or a diary (at least not until the year is over), and my NG AP Collection? I guess I need to accept that it's also one of those things, or I'm going to be spending the rest of my days just downloading tracks. Hard to let go though. :)

I made a valiant attempt at cleaning things up yesterday, and managed to do things like compile 20-30 post drafts of movie reviews and other material I've had lying around. I went to sleep content with the day, and the week, and so today I woke up feeling like I'm in an effective streak. Once you start thinking about it that's the end of it though, so I'm better off focusing on work and not feeling effective since that effectivity can suddenly waver and quickly smite my expectations for the day, or week, or forever, or whatever.

Anyway, last week's project (walking 10km per day) wasn't very successful. I'm probably stepping up my challenges a bit too quick, like always. The first three days were fine. I took a morning walk, then I took a long walk before or after lunch, and then I took a quick walk later during the night. The problem was that all I did was walk! I barely had time to do anything else, so that didn't really sync with the current workload (which always seems to be larger than I'd like it to at the start of a new year). At the end of the week I was just walking morning walks like usual, and then some more if I felt like it or had time. This week, I don't know what I'll be doing. It's a one day event so I plan on making it spontaneous, because spontaneous = fun. A thousand reviews in a day? Adding 50,000 tracks to the AP collection in a day? Damn, I'm planning ahead again.

Today I thought I'd go through all my blog drafts. And post them. But before that there's an assignment I should probably prioritize, so, if all goes well you'll be seeing a flood of posts later today. Until then! Good morning! May the new week be prosperous! ;)

Week 2 - The Walks

Last week I took one long walk, so this week I've decided to take seven. I'm not sure if I'm in shape enough to walk the walk I walked last week for seven days straight, so I've settled for just an additional 10km (minimum) per day. That's excluding the usually short obligatory morning walk I always take. I have no idea how tough it will be to walk a mile every day. The first day shouldn't be a problem, but after that... who knows! It'll be a fun challenge, and a needed considering how much food I've been stuffing myself with this Christmas. :P I'll let you know how it goes in the number like the samurai: seven.

Week 1 - A Walk

Every week this year I'm supposed to challenge myself with something for the full seven days, or break the routine for one day. That was one of my resolutions. I have a bunch of serial events planned, but Monday passed before I could get started with any of them, so... I decided to take a one-day walk for starters. A walk from Bro to Kungsängen and then from Kungsängen back to Bro. About 16km both ways.

So I ate a bit bigger breakfast than usual, finished an assignment I've been working on for THREE DAYS *aaargh*, composed a sandwich, pocketed it and parted with the house for a few hours. It was snowing when I left; raining on the way back. I made it to Kungsängen in little more than an hour, and little less than two back. I ate my sandwich by the bay in Kungsängen , watching waves and glaciers as raindrops pelleted my skin. It was the best lunch I've had in a long time. Though it would have been nice with one more sandwich, or two, or five, or...

Anyway, that was today's grand adventure. Fun. :) I should write a post sometime about how a quick walk makes you both efficient and happy... and hungry... but everybody already knows that, right?

Otherwise? I've been working on the 2013 version of my layout. It's going well; I can't wait to make it official but it's probably best if I don't tell anyone about it before it's done or I'll never finish it. Doh. Studies are taking up most of the time right now though, and will be until Jan 20. That's my deadline and I sincerely hope I can keep it. So that's it, huh? No real Christmas vacation at all? Not even a weekend free? It's completely my own fault since I've been spacing out the workload and doing other things, but still, it's a shitt bitty. The clock marks two minutes till midnight now so I guess I'd better sleep some. See you in a week sun.

Week 50

So it's been that long already huh.

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