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Week 14 - Fast Week, Like Last Week

Another week passed by waaaay too fast, and I'm a couple days late to post about it.

I took an awesome walk this Sunday, sun scheming behind a slow drift of clouds. I've watched through the sixth season of Walking Dead (it was great), sold a book, and visited a coin museum early in the week (The 'Royal Coin Cabinet' - it was more fun than it sounds... if you think it doesn't sound fun, that is). I also got a new comment on a blog I'd forgotten I had, which you can find here. I haven't posted on it in ten years - and then only the opening one, but it's still there. WordPress is a pretty neat service.

The rest of days has been work, mostly, and all those other projects.

Here are 1 and 2 kickstarters I feel I must post a link to, though I haven't supported them myself yet, and on the blog I've posted this and this, and 6 movie reviews, and 4 anime reviews.

I don't usually mention anime posts since they're not shown in the main stream on the front page, but that's because the episode reviews I posted back in the day would flood this page. I don't post episode reviews any longer, so maybe I should change that back to how it used to be, and let anime fuse into the usual stream. All the anime shows I've been watching this season ended, except for the eternal One Piece and Naruto Shippuuden (they're really dragging out the latter). I feel like my interest for anime's awakening again though, so maybe I'll pick up a couple new ones soon, if time allows...

Regarding the bike thing: my hip finally feels OK! My wounds are healed! I've been walking whenever I have the chance, hoping to start jogging soon so I can get in shape for the 1 mile run I had planned to participate in this May. At this point I'm starting to doubt I'll get be trained before the day... but you never know till time is all away! And with that, this rushed post has touched most of the topics I think I ought to juxtapose.

Last week is here, and that's all! Till next time.

Week 13 - Merry Christmas!

...was what I was plotting to post the first of this month. But then I thought... nah. It should be something better than that. Yet I could think of nothing better! So, I guess I'll post a post about how I posted no April Fools post, just a little lyrical poetry.

Newgrounds did it's customary number though, surpassing recent yearly events by transforming to TrumpGrounds, and I've saved my evidence of this grand event for future recall. I don't think I was tricked by any of the blogs or news stories online either, though there were plenty of entertaining gimmicks. It's that one day of the year I'm thankful I'm aware of what day it is! And always entertained by the responses of the people who were not. :) Like birthdays, it'd be fun to be surprised sometime though, and not always know when something's about to go down.

Life overall is slowly moving back to usual. I started working again this week, and though it was a bit arduous navigating to and from the office the first day, that hazardous hip feels much better now. Unnoticeable, almost. Sleep is the only occasion in which I still can't move freely. Apart from a train trip that was supposed to take 40 minutes, but took 1 hour and 40 minutes instead, it's all been good. Know what other than timely commuter traffic is crap btw? Taxi Brooklyn. It wasn't like the Taxi movies at all. I spontaneously started with that series earlier this week, but didn't make more than two episodes before I decided it wasn't worth the time. I found Soul Eater instead, and have spent many an hour with that one! And a couple old Star Trek movies this weekend.

You know what's great though? MX Player for Android. Where even VLC player lags, MX Player does not! It can play everything - at least all the normal formats a regular computer would play with ease. After trying a myriad of other players, and one after the other giving me a black screen after black screen, or choppy footage where it seemed it might work, this was awesome to find. This on a sub-par single-core smartphone that's a few years old already. It's feature-packed too. Great app.

On the blog I've posted this and this and 6 movie reviews, and I think that's all I have on my mind at the moment. Here's last week.

Week 12 - Hip Hope

I spent most of this week inside, resting up. No work, but not much play either, and this Easter weekend hasn't been as much a party as I'd hoped for. On Saturday we were invited out, and on Sunday I had a plane ticket booked to Östersund - to spend some time with my big Bro & Co, but neither of those things happened. My cold is cured (apart from a lingering cough), and my wounds are close-to healed, but my hip is still acting up!! I decided against my anticipated vacation, at great uncertainty and doubt, because I'm not sure how I'd fare in stairs and other obstacles there, in the town on a mountain. Part of me really would have liked to go, but part of me really didn't, and I'm still not sure I made the right choice. The probable cause of all this mauling wistfulness and woe: Bursitis.

Just taking a short walk is enough to make the pain flare up, and I can't walk quickly, but not walking doesn't make me feel any better otherwise. I'm starting to feel kind of down. Movement seems like a crucial component in the feel-good-and-alive state of being I'd like to be in, so how long is this going to take?! And work starts tomorrow again. How is that going to be? How can I maintain my focus for a full day by the computer without my customary, rejuvenating lunch walk outside? I should probably book a time with a physiotherapist, but I stall because... well don't we all. I'm not sure what route I should take, because I don't know the root of my problem, I guess? But until I get it checked out, I won't know either way.

This uncertainty is hurting me, and when I close the curtain and revert to sleep - lying just on one side to advert the hurt, I feel the boulder that burdens me. I see the sun and I'd like to soak in. I see the shine, and I'd like to hope, that soon I'll be out there in a coating of warmth and light, on my morning rite. I cannot hop - not on this hip, but I could hiphop if this cough would slip. I sit in a mist and I hope it drifts, away, soon so that I could lift. Through this gloamy and loaming state, with human bones and a booming rage: a will, a wish, to shift and rattle me! Instead of this cliff and rift of apathy. Through which I fall - it mauls me down, but I'll keep on crawling till all is ground, and I emerge from the tunnels damp, to the banks of day and can say my thanks. And clamp away with oiled-in hips! There's no way, you'll foil this wish.

Well, on the blog I finally got those Sunday Chimes posted, and some music, and here's last week. 6 movie reviews too. Aaaand that's all for the week, here's hoping that despite unlucky numbers, this one will be for the better.

Week 11 - A Languid Limp

What a week. Almost a week x 2. I was so weak, I could barely speak to you. I went and fell with my bike, then went to work like alright, then rode back home cause whatever, then the day after I'm weathered way down under the weather just feeling slight. Five days feverish but I made the rite, the sun shines today and I'd really like to take a hike. My scrubs are healing, my hip's still feeling, I cough and reel in but the prospect's appealing of this life: it's pretty grand and bright. Like Raisin Bran with a strand of stripes. Rhyme disband to write:

Before that fateful crash though, the week went pretty well, and I forgot to mention this earlier but I did visit a couple more museums last week too. Moderna and Östasiatiska. Good times. Especially the latter had a really fascinating ensemble of cultural heritage from such cultures that eh... I find really fascinating. Maybe there'll be more museum visits later on. Maybe it'll be a while though.

Not much to write about the week in question, but I thought I'd at least get this thing posted before this week is almost through and these posts get all too confusing. Apart from daily 750 Word posts (am I glad I'd written a few of those in advance!) and deposits, I've barely touched the computer since Thursday. I was really totally out of it. Climbing down the stairs for dinner was an unsteady feat a couple of days - I lay in bed for minutes just trying to will myself to get up, and it felt like I could just keep my eyes closed the entire day, though lying still just fed the headache. I would've tossed and turned through my feverish nights and days were it not for whatever issue I have with this hip that at first really limited my potential postures. Still hurts when I shift it carelessly, or lie on my right side.

I started Friday with a cough, and sore throat, and muscles, and stiff neck, and a headache, and chills, and dark wounds, but enough disease and recuperation now! I can feel my powers slowly returning. As the sun starts to rise earlier, and the dust of swept-away grit and gravel from the past winter sweeps over the neighborhood, I feel like it's all coming back again. My darkest point was definitely on Sunday - coincidentally also the March equinox, that day when the sun appears to leave the southern hemisphere and cross the celestial equator. Meaning: summer's on its way. Things can only get brighter from here on out. :) I'm a bit hesitant about how I'll get my hip fixed to this limp lift, but maybe time is all I need, everything seems to be healing.

On the blog I've also posted this, and here's last week. Arrivederci!

Week 10 - A Running Start

Alternatively: Surprise Visits & Busy!

Back in the day I watched a lot of anime, and maybe that's what kept me motivated back then. I've started again. I started with Musaigen no Phantom World and Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! earlier last week, and this Sunday I picked up Prince of Stride - Alternative. It feels like this is just the one I need to get motivated right now.

I could've posted this on Monday, I had the time, but for some reason I decided to wait. Same reason I didn't work on a Flash I was planning to continue with today, or respond to old emails and messages, or record a bit for a potential collab. Instead, I played through most of the Easy campaign on Resident Evil 4 (HD), again, and caught up on the latest episodes of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!. I needed something more, and at random I settled for this. And now I've stretched - loosened up my limbs as if in preparation for some grand event, and before I drift to sleep, because the time is not right to take a run, I'm writing down this weeks blog post for tomorrow. (Meaning I wrote this on Monday.)

Ideas on how to get in shape are swirling through my mind. Should I go jogging before work? Can I take the bike one station before I get on the train? Will I be totally exhausted the rest of the day, or invigorated by this unusual momentum? I've got my healthy diet - three weeks in and running, but I need something more.

Maybe it's no coincidence I settled for this anime after watching this particular Parkour flick on Youtube. I don't mean coincidence as in fate. I mean I saw the cover image and I ran with it, but it was a good choice. It's definitely the wrong time for it, but I am (and trying not to) get fired up tonight. I'ma run! And I'ma post this the day after, I thought, but then I checked a few reviews for this particular anime I was so inspired by, and was made aware it's an otome anime, meaning the intended audience is female. And people didn't like it. For some reason that had me stall a bit, but what the hell, people didn't like Air Master either and I still hold it as one of the greatest fighting animes of all times. It's a good anime. People better start appreciating it!

Well, the week: it all begun with work. Two days work, and then one day free, and on that fateful day my big bro called and wondered if it'd be OK for his son/my nephew to come on up for the weekend. Plus Friday. And suddenly, my free day wasn't so free anymore! I spent it trying to catch up on projects I'd planned to easily finish this weekend, and come Thursday night (after another dose of work) my dad picked him up at the airport, and our intense sessions of late-night gaming (board games, mostly, and some Worms World Party) begun. We played some table tennis behind an elementary school on Saturday, and soaked in a rare dose of summer-like sunshine. It was a good time.

Sunday was a gloamy day, full of clouds, and come nightfall the house was kinda... empty. When it's alive, it feels too alive. But when it's quiet, you wish it could liven up just a bit more. Which is probably why I delved into entertainment rather than into the tasks I should be working on, and kept going till this one anime set me free! But then, stuff came in the way, and now I'm finishing this blog way late anyway.

I was going to write bout a burnt-out car wreck on a nearby parking too. We heard the explosion around midnight, and then walked by on a morning walk. The windows had exploded. All that was left was a burnt out shell, black and orange, and on one wheel a tire - miraculously unaffected by the flames. The air felt a bit eerie on that morning walk; especially since we live so close by. It's not the first time a car burns on this particular parking, but it was a while since last time. It's that time again huh?

Overall, it's been a pretty good week! Here's last week and this, and yes, it did receive funding! After a couple of days with still over a third of the total funds remaining, they pulled through with just two hours to spare! :D Kickstarter's an exciting place, and I'm pretty hyped up about this one project, and then some. Till next week.

Week 9 - Museums & Miscellanea

Another week passed by fast. Four out of five aint bad (work days), and I've booked a flight to visit my big bro (and co) this Easter today. I mean I booked the flight today. Easter's in three weeks.

This Friday I went to a museum - the first of probably a few to follow now that entrance fees have been temporarily vanquished up in here, and here's a couple of random topics I probably won't get around to making individual posts for in almost excessively concise form:

I learned a new word: alighting. It means to get off the train. How often is that actually used? On that topic: I haven't used Miscellanea since middle school. Pop quizzes were the shiznits fo rizzle. Good times.

I opened up a NameCheap hosting account recently, and ran into this weird issue: I uploaded my files, imported my database, and tried to access my site. Internal Server error. PHP limits were OK. Resource usage OK. I tried checking plugins, themes, the .htaccess file, and all you could possible check (including Google) before I found my Error Logs (apparently they were accessible via Cpanel only) and realized: CHMOD was the problem. All files were 664, so I switched to 644, and it worked! Quirk of the server, or does Namecheap explicitly not allow permissions higher than 644? Unless they stumble upon this post we may never know.

On the blog I've posted some more thoughtful stuff this week, and music, and here's last week, and that's pretty much... all I have to say. I wish time was abundant. I wish I had droves of it, and could just dive in and swim around and savor the sensation, and with that I mean I'm in short supply and time is nigh to say Goodbye for the day, so as we so ironically say in Sweden: Hey.

(Ironic because 1) We say Hey both in greeting and parting, and 2) Even when intended as parting, it'll be read as a greeting in the language of writing.)

No movie reviews this week btw, but I am currently embarking into the old wonky universe of Star Trek - from a time when special effects really were special, and in parallel to that I'm rediscovering the Batmen of ancient times. That'll be something to write about. And Cloud Atlas. I'll see yall next week.

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