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Week 8 - On The Ninth

It's Monday! Tell me why I don't like Mondays? I can't find a reason. I love new weeks. I love the potential to do all that you left undid last week. It's a bit like a miniature New Year, and I especially like them when you start them with a day free of regular work so you can achieve even more right at the start, like typing up this post I should've found time for yesterday. Would be even better with an entire week free of regular work, but with such weeks routines start to crumble; even the simplest things take a long time to do. The more time you have, the more you tend to allocate for each individual task, but anyway, moving past recently discovered potential wisdoms of life to that which this post is supposed to be about, starting with...

Yesterday, and why I didn't post this back then. It was an unusually full and fulfilling day, one of spontaneous walks and sunshine - featuring among more familiar companions my good (old) buddy Bear who phoned in for a surprise visit. The day before I took a bike ride to Kungsängen and back, to work, and realized that I need to take more bike rides. Not because it was fun, but because it was so insanely arduous and tiring I really must be in incredibly bad shape at the moment.

Been working on that these last couple of days though, and feeling greater as the hours pass, treading on snow-glazed grass... until I relapse and sit down by this cast of mime - this pastime where I type like a pantomime. And yap. But I wouldn't have it any other way if I wonder if I should have when I look back!

It's been a good week overall. A daze of work and other tasks for starters. Some medals. Not many movies (none!! What am I going to post for reviews this week?). On Friday good buddy Andreas stopped by. We spent a while walking and playing half a game, then drove through a compact darkness to the nearest train station - a short but fun visit. I've also closed a domain name deal for a family site I will no longer mention by domain name extension since it would now be marketing a third party - for a considerable price! A price that transcends my regular monthly paycheck, and although my monthly paycheck is a very moderate one at this time, I'm feeling unexpectedly rich and fortunate at the moment. :) As of now the Axell Family is Internetally moving from Belgium to Palau.

In less notable but still cool news, I backed this game by Sombr Studios with a dollar, and now that it's been successfully funded I've reaped my reward: a custom in-game taunt that the victor metaphorically yells, selected randomly among all funder-contributed taunts, in a crisp pixel speech bubble at the end of a game. I was pondering Do better than that, you must. Invision your invisibility, you should. Try again, you will. but instead I went with... wait, maybe I should keep it a secret until the game is out? Yeah, maybe. You'll find it at the source.

It's the last day of February today, a last day that for 3/4ths of the years that pass by is no day at all, so that means I have an extra day to fix up all wonky workings still undone. I do love leap years too! I was planning/hoping/not-really-knowing-if-I'd-have-time to complete the February Album Writing Month Challenge, where you try to write 14 songs in 28 days — because you can't wait for inspiration. I'm three tracks in after just one night of writing and recording, but with just one more day at my disposal - and other tasks I should do this day, it doesn't look very hopeful.

Maybe I can at least write eleven parts, and look for music later on, and record them at my leisure. The writing thing is the main challenge, although I was planning on doing the full thing if I did it. Not with my own music, but with music that'd be free to use. A mixtape-style February project accomplishment. It would've been easy had I had (or maybe taken?) the time. I'll keep you posted. And that Chimes thing I mentioned last week will be up soon. I've just been stalling doing other things.

On the as of lately very common topic of Kickstarters, have you ever considered getting a bike via a KickStarter? The thought just crossed my mind. Here's the bike, and though I've only skimmed the sales pitch so far it seems promising.

Overall life seems promising! The sun is rising earlier, and I'm getting up earlier each day, and my new diet is going well so far. It's almost routine.

UPD: About that bike, looks like I missed a digit last time I looked at the price. The idea crossed my mind and went elsewhere. :| If you do have a few thousand dollars to spare though, it's only five hours till funding.

On the blog I've posted this bunch of stuff, 6 reviews, and here's last week. Time to dive into this recently started stretch of sunny days.

Week 7 - Sugar, Milk & Medals

I'm on a diet again. No gluten, sugar, milk, citrus fruits or deep-fried and fatty foods, and as little lactose as possible. What an unexpected turn of events after last week, where we spent the days enjoying semlor and cake and burgers and all kinds of edible pleasantries. Apparently, that week was the ice-pick that tipped the berg, so here I am taking the same route of cleansing as I did back in 2013. It took more than a month back then, but hopefully it won't be so long this time around! I feel like if I'd exercise more my body would easily be able to tolerate these levels of crappy foods, but for now, I'm forcefully tuning into this new form of cooking again... and starting to feel pretty good about it too. Good food does do good! Though the first day was just depressing.

Otherwise? Work, movies, medal games (a quick marathon of those yesterday), and today I decided to write and record a hundred bits of rhyme and rhythm for another little chimes project. Well, maybe it's not so little. It's an hour long. Ten thousand words deep. Holy shit that was more than I expected to make in a day. O_O Will be uploading soon I hope!

I posted about a Kickstarter campaign recently, but here's one more. And one more: Overload. It's a re-iteration of Descent, in development by the original founders!! At the same time a sequel to the original series is about to be launched by a different party. I never played Descent much because it made me dizzy, but it's definitely one of the classics, one that paved the way for a whole genre of its own; on par with games like Doom and Abuse. It wasn't too long ago that Carmageddon was brought back to life too, also by the original founders. Hope this one has the same good fortune. And Doom 4 is on route! Woot. All good news in the gaming world.

On the blog I've posted these three posts, and 6 movie reviews. The week overall just passed by in a flash. I am getting things done, but it's all very non-mentionable stuff at the moment. Maybe I'll have more type about next week. Until then.

Week 6 - Fat Tuesday & Star Wars!

This Tuesday was Fat Tuesday, so I bought myself a semla!

A Semla

40 SEK at the local place: Mazarin Konditori & Bageri, Bro.

The line was long when I arrived; just as long when I traversed back, taste buds waking up with anticipation over this rare treat. People in line didn't even bother saying what they wanted, it was all about the semlor. They just said "two large" or "four large" or once as many as "eight large". One person ordered "two large and a cinnamon bun!". I guess someone didn't like semlor...

I ordered just the "one large", very aware I was deviating from the social norm of enjoying a semla in tandem, or at least pretending like I would be and eating a double. It was just a single semla. One semla in a large paper bag to be savored by me and I only. It was a delicious semla though, baked with real cream and butter, sweet, fresh and nutty.

Apparently we eat 40,000,000 semlor in Sweden each year. We're closing in on 10,000,000 people. I doubt all of those eat semlor. Conclusion: some people must really eat a lot of semlor! I'm down for about 0,0000025% of the total (if my decimals are correct).

Otherwise? I watched Star Wars this Friday, with a good buddy who coincidentally doesn't like semlor. I feasted upon two fish burgers that day, for both lunch and dinner - both two burgers and two restaurant visits more than the norm... and then we watched the movie! The burgers were fantastic; the movie too. I'm not a fanatic but I guess I am a fan, and I'm starting to understand all the hype around this guy:

Kylo Ren

But really, this guy's my favorite:


This girl's not bad either:


Was definitely worth watching this one at the movies, and I'm saving my review for next week, so that's all for Star Wars for now.

I meant to post this last week btw, but guess what: this weeks One Piece episode is apparently postponed till next week because a North Korean rocket launch interrupted the broadcast. What?! Rocket? Fortunately: this week's episode was grand; the dragged out filler-less content rolls on as usual... and it looks like that rocket thing wasn't the end of the world.

In other worldly news, it's been in the building quite a while, but now we can finally see what the second Titanic looks like! Check it here. I wouldn't want to be on this ship-s maiden voyage, but after that... could be a pretty memorable experience! Imagine sitting in the saloon, over the ocean, watching the movie with the same name and no second digit. ;)

The week overall's been great: apart from work and other stuff I had a shrimp crepe lunch with a buddy on Tuesday, guests over yesterday (good food; a great time reminiscing with WWP), and today is my dad's 73rd Birthday and Valentine all at the same time. Have a hearty day yall! On the blog: 6 reviews and this this this and here's last week. One Peace; later.

Week 5 - Better Than The Book

Started writing this yesterday, and I'm just fixing it up real quick tonight, so if I say today below I mean yesterday. Alright? Moving on...

So many good things going on today. That album/EP a good buddy of mine (and me, to a limited extent) has been working on the past year and then some - that I'm featured on, is out! Now! Get it while it's here, or listen to it on NG, SC or YT. It's been a long time in the making, and I'm proud to be a part of the project. Turned out fantastic. And with that, the music page just got a miniature overhaul too, not big enough to merit a link, but it's still up there in the menu if you wish to have a look and listen..

Apart from that hugely groovy news, an author sent me a redeemable gift code for a free game on Google Play, a talent scout sent me a PM, and I just got back from a party. It's been a good day, and all this even though I woke up with a headache and didn't get out of bed before 11. Started late, but went up running; haven't slowed down yet! And the headache mysteriously vanished somewhere along the way.

Normally I'd post this weekly thing on a Sunday (which I am apparently doing anyway, with minimal revision after late-night distractions today), but why not make it while I'm in a good mood for once? Not that I won't be in an equally good mood tomorrow, but as the motto foretells: why wait. No, I see no reason, no reason what-so-ever, to wait. I'm doing this right now. Right away. It's a grand occasion, and I am hyped up about the future, and life, and the day, and everything both general and specific. I feel great. (Aint this ackward.)

I didn't write my 750 Word post this morning (copied/pasted a previously written one due to lack of time) so maybe that's why I'm rambling: my quota of words hasn't fully been fulfilled. Or maybe it's just this great mood. BTTB is out! Get it while it's hot! Or wait till it cools down a bit and get it then.

Not just today, but the whole week's been pretty good. Internet went out on my first work day, so I had to leave early (which wouldn't be a bad thing if I wasn't on an hourly wage and commuting time lengthy), but on the second we attended the Autogloben fair/exhibition (which was fun), and the third was the most accomplishing yet. I won't speak of work though. I mean, I'll speak of no specifics; share with you only this vague impression of accomplishment, probably not entirely connecting with potential readers here; speaking as if I was writing this for myself but without the freedom to be entirely open about anything because this is all going live in a moment. Online. Always with a trace. Impossible to erase. Always possible to regret. But I don't think I've posted any such posts here yet. *Knock on how much wood a wood chuck could chuck*

I spent a couple of days at my sister's place too, sleeping over and recording some music, and though I barely slept anything at all the first night due to unforeseen electrical problems, and Internet problems, and an overdue order, and noise, and headache, and streetlight, and a way too soft bed, and warm covers, and had to work the day after, and the bus was late, and I missed my train... it turned into a pretty good day anyway! I rested up the next; tackled the upcoming ones as if they had nothing on ME. Like they were XP to gain, and I'm NOT going from 7 to 10 yet. I'm a 7 vet. Yes.

It's been a diverse and fast-paced set of days, and though they went by all too fast I am content with the content that got sent.

On the blog I've written a bunch of (6) reviews this week, and this, and have a few more revs in store for the following few days. Movies are a favorable pastime these days, it seems; other hobbies and projects in the works are left behind... and maybe that's exactly why. Because I have much to do that I fear starting, and stall. Not all, though. I'm getting there. Slowly but steadily. Catching up on all I miss.

I spent today celebrating a friend's birthday though, with games, semlor (Fettisdagen is officially on Tuesday) and good food, and tomorrow will be another fun day: Sunday. Feels like the week concludes with this post, but if I end it early that means I'll have a day left over, free of all obligation and trifles!

Hope you all have a grand weekend; speak to you soon! And here's last week. (I'm adding in the week numbers in titles again btw, just feels better that way.) Till the next set of days.

Västerås Wandering/Quick Kolbäck Visit

Week 4, 2016.

January is finished... but I wasn't done with it!! My calendar still has a column of projects, one with a deadline long-passed, one without a defined deadline long should-be-done; a few others that are waiting on me too but are no priority. I'm starting to feel a bit stressed. Days flow by in a steady stream, like routine, patterned similarly like patches in a patchwork quilt, and I barely have time to enjoy the music between these hectic sessions of... life, I guess? Though time isn't monotone, I'm sure it makes for some monotone blogs.

So what have I been up to? Work mostly. Writing secondarily. Not so much on the blog as these other sites, to such extent I wonder if it's all worth it. This year's project takes up a fair share of inspiration too. It all feels very reminiscent to the time of 2009, when I had a similarly ambitios project, and also felt like days just washed away at their own accord, leaving me little time to savor the moments. I wrote bits and pieces at 100 Words that year too. Wonder what else I did that took such effort. No work. Well, work is relative - no paid work. Studies? Or maybe it's all due to my minute to two-minute mindset. Making tasks take longer than they could if you would just chuck what a would-chuck could.

The prospects of efficiency have bitten me, but I don't think I've mastered them yet. For starts: you need to relax to be efficient. You need to wind down. You need to keep cool and calm and just face each task head on, without stall or stress or a mauling press to do more with less. This haul's a test. I'll brawl till all yall your lawns caress and I roar I've kept: no more in debt! That calls for rest, maybe a tour of floors instead of floored arrests with high scores at best, but they're scores for a whole other game than the game of life: however you grew wise, I could use the same advice to slay my vice and maybe I'll retain my stride through this plainless strife and partake in fights to regain my sights and these shameless vibes I like to bring. Yeah. Cyberdevil do your thing.

Well, it's not all bad news (if you consider hectic times bad news)! I've been negotiating a domain-name deal I'm pretty happy about, I have a collaborative track coming out on EP soon (been enjoying the pre-release these past few days - I'll let you know as soon as it's out and available so you can spend some $$$ and I can get a small provision), and I took a quick trip to Kolbäck and Västerås this weekend to visit a good buddy; had a good time. Came home with a bag packed of really rebated items from a nearby shop, tired legs after a few exploratory walks (I almost missed my second train exploring the second city mentioned above) and a fresh outlook on life. At least until I flipped the calendar and started transferring unfinished projects of the past to the new sheet, realizing there are just too many!! But that's a story for another time. That's this week.

I'm late with a bunch of movie reviews I'd planned on posting, and with this weekly post, and with a bunch of other stuff, but I'll catch up! I must! I shall! I will! Where there's a will there's a must! So a way I shall have! And that about sums up this session of sevens. You'll find last week's post here; until next one! Maybe with more time and interest I'll have some more interesting tidings to bring. Cyberdevil do your thing.

Romero's Back! Weeks, Works; Mint/Coriander

Week 3, 2016. I was going to post something about /img/4/The-New-Doom-WAD-580x666.png">this at the start of the week, but didn't have time to try it out as soon as I heard about it. If for some reason you don't feel like clicking that link to view the image it leads to: Romero's back! After 21 years, he's put out a new level for Doom - a reinterpretation of the boss fight on the first episode (E1M8).

I played the level a couple days ago, got lost, got killed, found my way, started over, survived, and finally: beat it! It's a difficult level even on regular difficulty - especially if you jump into it with no extra weapons equipped (weapons you would have if you did play it as the final level in the episode). But, according to Romero it can be played fine as is, which should hold true for all original DooM levels. It adds to the challenge; time you get to enjoy/be aggravated by it.

The level's nicely designed, with plenty of variation, and some neat tricks like a platform with hidden Imps/Shotgun guy that's hidden right in your field of view until you hit a certain switch. There are plenty of similar surprises, and traps, but what's a good level without a challenge? I wasn't expecting to play any DooM this week, but when the main man who made this whole franchise puts out a new level there's not much else you can do! Good play.

I have a bunch of other screencaps I haven't gotten around to posting, like /img/4/42-Day-Streak.png">this to commemorate my 42 day streak at 750 Words. (I'm up at 69 days now.) Or /img/4/Happy-2016-Bob.png">this personalized New Year greeting on FB I was planning to write a rant about. Once time passes and the topics are no longer relevant they get difficult to post about though, no longer as compelling to scribe on. So there, now they're somewhere.

In news of context: I decided to switch up these weekly posts a bit. Less numbers in titles; more focus on the topics at hand. Maybe that way I'll break free from preconceived notions of what each week should contain, too. When I think a passed week, I currently think work. I think of routine. I think: yet another week. Maybe I didn't always think this way, but even if I did I shouldn't think this way. There's more to talk about than that! Right? It'll be a lot harder to tag these posts when the titles don't contain the topics for which they're to be tagged, but otherwise I think the lack of standardized weekly titles will be a refreshing change for all of us. Feel free to leave a hundred comments if you dis or agree.

So, the week? It's been work. Mostly. A little (too much) movies. A little gaming. A board-game get-together with a good buddy on Thursday, and this weekend... just blazed by! My sleeping habits are as of today messed up, again, since I ate almost a whole bottle of spicy Mint/Coriander sauce recently, and didn't consider the consequences. It was tasty. But now, I realize yet again that my stomach and me share a very fragile symbiosis in which great consideration must be taken as to what I feed it. And thus, I'm on a diet again. Mild foods. Preferably nothing fried or overly salty, or sugary, no coffee, and definitely no Mint/Coriander sauce!

I'm feeling a bit tired today. Down. The winter sky is gray and airy. The morning walk was refreshing and long, but the snow is watering away; the breeze is moist with afternoon haze. I'm in a mood for activities that require little thought, like, medal games. Maybe a few of those will follow after this post. On the blog I've posted 6 reviews, this and this. Here's last week. Until next time; an intended utterly uplifting stretch of days!

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