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Better Blogging

If you want to know how to become a better blogger... you'd better ask someone else. I've been blogging for twelve years but I still don't know what I'm doing. I've posted blog-related things like:

...but I don't follow my own advice half the time. I know the secrets, but I don't want to conform. I could turn this into a business, but I'd rather keep it personal. I'm not greedy. I'm tempted, but when I look at the world and what the capitalist approach has done for it... I think I'll take a different approach.

You probably hear the confidence-booster affirmation I'm worth more or I'm worth this a lot, but that doesn't apply to material wealth. It applies to choices. How you live. What you are. Care about the world - because you're worth a better future.

So on this rare topic of blogging, let me give you some solid advice that no one else will, because I feel like selling out today:

  • Be yourself, readers will appreciate you for you.
  • Don't limit yourself; don't confine yourself to a single topic. Evolve. Open your mind. Don't fear controversy if it helps you grow.
  • Stay true to yourself, and as such also to your viewers.
  • Care for your blog. Even if it is a business: a good business is like a second home. Make it your second home.
  • Write for yourself, even if no one reads. It's easy to start thinking about what everyone else wants, but if you just do you soon others will want to do you too.
  • Persevere, because Tukalue wasn't built in a day-

But most importantly: make sure this is what you want to do. If not: do something else. The goals may seem a bit selfish, which is why you probably won't get them elsewhere - because it makes you seem selfish, and giving a selfless impression seems to be the recommended thing to do if you want your blog to prosper. It seems to be working too.

But for who else would you start a blog if not for yourself? If you choose this route it'll be a big part of your life before you know it, so you'd better be ready for a long term commitment. If you do make it a business: make it a business you want to run. When designing a race: design a race you'll want to run yourself, and others will join in.

Make your world, and the world is yours.

It's Y'all Not Yall

It's short for you all. It's not yall! Not ya'll! It's y'all! I've been using just plain, simple unapostrophized yall for way too long. Time to step my grammatical game up.

Just making this clear once and for all. Right now y'all.

750 Words For 365 Days!

750 Words For 365 Days!

Now this feels pretty surreal! Onto the next 365 right. On.

200 Day Streak

200 Day Streak

Still going strong! 365 day badge up next...

Among Or Amongst?

Here's a word I've been confused about a long time. I use both - depending on the situation, and when I use the latter spellcheck always tells me I'm wrong. Sometimes I let it fix things for me, and sometimes I don't, because the way spellcheck claims is right just doesn't feel right to write.

I finally decided to once and for all find out who's right and who's not, and it turns out... both are correct, though according to many an authority and language blog: among is the preferred version, since amongst sounds old-fashioned and out-of-tune. Oddly enough, amongst is actually the newer word of the two, and though not as common as among, it's still commonly used despite all the authoritative critique. In UK English it's a tad bit more accepted than in the US, too.

So there you have it! There's some wisdom amongst these pages of teh Interweb after all! I guess I'll keep shillyshallying between the two whenever there's opportunity to.

Among err, a monger of grammatical justice stirs.

100 Days x 750 Words

100 Days!

If you manage to write seven hundred fifty words for a hundred days straight on this place, this is the badge you get. :) I'm not new to the site, but the last time I tried it (years ago) my streak didn't last more than 70 days, and all that at great effort, so this is... a moment of celebration! :D Let's see if I can make it another hundred!

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