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Google Better Than Spellcheck

It's not a new realization I've made, but I felt like it's one I need to post. The revelization that should have been revealed already by the title is that Google is way better at checking my spelling than any other spellchecker I've tried. When I write posts like this one, I use a FireFox spellcheck plugin to rinse through common typos. It commonly highlights words that it doesn't recognize in red, some of them completely valid words, such as the word banderoles. There are also words that are apparently not valid, such as as FireFox, spellcheck & plugin. Then, most importantly, it highlights words with a typo in them, or words that I just can't spell, such as aquintense. If I right click aquintense for a list of verbular alternatives I get quintessence and insensate... not really what I was looking for.

If, however, I type the word in a Google search, the small notification: "Did you mean acquaintance?" pops up above the results, along with a couple of other similar alternatives (aquinese and acquittance, also completely new alternatives). If I click the correctly spelled version of the word I meant I even get a definition of the word, short and simple. Like this:

  1. A person's knowledge or experience of something.
  2. One's slight knowledge of or friendship with someone.

So far Google has recognized everything the spellcheck plugin has failed at. I've tried the 'After the Deadline' plugin developed by WordPress staff as well, and a few standalone spellcheckers, but none of them do a really good job. A last resort that does work, and manages to find not only typographical but also grammatical errors, is Microsoft Word. Open Office? Star Office? Yadda yadda? Nope, they don't do the job at all. Wish Google could stuff all their amazing spellchecking functionality into an easy to use plugin for the browser, but wait, maybe that already exists with Chrome?

If it does, that might mean I finally found a reason to switch. If not, I'll keep hoping, maybe someday this dream will become a reality!

Numbers In Numbers

Don't you just hate it when people type twenty-three instead of 23? And even worse, how about when you yourself have to type twenty-three instead of 23? What a chore, that's a ten letter increase in both writing and reading. I haven't thought about it much earlier, but recently when skimming through some regulations for something (not important) I was immensely annoyed by the fact that all numbers where lettered, and therefore not easy to spot within the context.

I was searching specifically for a '2 hour limit', and I just couldn't find it! Eventually I fought away my impatience and read through the whole text a little more thoroughly, and there it was, lettered, invisible to the naked eye when not read directly. So there's another (if you need any other) reason for you to type numbers when typing numbers, no matter what anyone else tells you. Cyberdevil with big opinions, over and out.

Typing In Capitals Or Caps Or Neither

I see a lot of people typing their whole life out as if it was one big headline. You Know, When They Post Like This, With The First Of Each Word Capitalized, And It Really Drives Me Nuts! Its harder to read, and it's probably harder to write too. I don't know about you but I type at least twice as fast when not having to capitalize every letter in every word in every sentence that I post in my post.

It's even worse than the people who KEEP POSTING EVERYTHING ALL IN CAPS MAKING IT SEEM LIKE THEY'RE PISSED OF AT THE WORLD AND EVERYBODY IN IT EVEN WHEN THEY SAY THANK YOU, since the latter just changes the emotional strain of the message, not its readability. Plus, it's just as easy to type in all caps as it is without.

and whats up with all of those people typing everything without capital letters. even when they start a new sentence they cant be bothered to use the shift button even once. the sentences just get really boring and you can't see where one sentence starts and another one ends, or whatever, theres just no expression ... and it gets even worse when they forget the 's or .s or ,s or statr maeking lotso typsos liek tis.

If you type like that, stop, the capital type is fine for titles or domains where each keyword is supposed to be a big deal, but in posts each word isn't important, it just makes it harder to read. Even in quotes you don't need to capitalize every word, unless it's something especially verbal such as "Fuck You". I'm trying to think into the brains of the people posting like this and figure out why they post so, it's not easier for them and it's not easier for others either, so how did it become a habit in the first place?! I used to capitalize certain words that were more Important than Others, but the habit just faded away after a while, lucky me. :P

Anyhow, that concludes my rant for the day, thanks for breathing in the sour air from my vent of frustration, heh. Later.

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