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This Corona Thing

Scientific Briefing

That about sums up the situation! Yupp.

Light Pollution

Stargazing 3

It really is a problem. The less we see the stars the easier it'll be to believe there's nothing out there... then what do we really have to say against all those flatearthers? We're all just boxed in without our skylights.

Source here.

New Year Stuff


Was meaning to include this in the New Year post earlier. Seemed like the right kind of contemplative, and unusually so for XKCD. Even with the bits of comedy. No matter: here it is now! Source here.

In other news: I got a cold. Ugh. It's been such a long time coming though it almost feels good to get it out of the way! Resting up this weekend.

Missal Of Silos

Missal Of Silos

One more reason not to get too deep into AI!

Courtesy of XKCD.

XKCD Way Back

Old Times

This goes back. Way back...

Kill Hitler

...but not as far back as this one.

Links here.

Die Hard XKCD


Really reminded me of this other one...

Devotion To Duty

Yeah I'm a Die Hard fan too.

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