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Airplanes And Spaceships

Airplanes And Spaceships

We live in interesting times! :) Courtesy of XKCD.

Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair

Just gotta post some quick XKCD genius.



Just gotta spread this awareness. Stay humble! Source.

Fireworking Around

Felt like drawing somethings. Least it's better than Paint eh?








Desert Island

Desert Island


Random XKCD

Browsing through comics over at XKCD, I decided to take a leap of faith and click the 'Random' link. What are the odds, this strip pops up! What is that, a 0.1% chance? Probably less. I'm not as mathematical as whomever does XKCD obviously is judging by the comics, but, I'll give it a shot. How to figure this out...

There are currently 1133 comics at XKCD. The probability of getting 1 of those 1133 comics when clicking random would be 100%, but for one specific comic it would be 1/1133. 100/1133 is 0.0882612533, so that's... 0.8%. Damn my math skills are degrading... I need to calculate more often.

Anyway, I haven't visited XKCD in maybe 3 years prior to posting the strip that I found while reading a blog which I happened to stumble upon while visiting a random website (I deleted my browsing history so I have no number of random sites to factor) some time last week. So I wonder, what's the probability of arriving at the same strip twice in a week through two completely unrelated random sources generated by one intentional act (visiting XKCD) and one completely random input (searching for 'top tech blogs' on Google and clicking on the first 25 results)?

If someone knows, it would be interesting to hear...

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