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Taken 2 (2012)

Taken 2 (2012)

So, I thought that I had watched Taken, the first movie in this... series (?) earlier. I didn't recall much of it though. Well actually I didn't recall anything of it. That's what I realized when I watched this movie. Before I started watching it, I assumed the first Taken movie was actually the one with Nicholas Cage in which his daughter has been kidnapped and he has to search for her. You know, Stolen. I suppose it's an understandable mixup since the titles are so alike... Stolen - Taken... well, maybe not really, but you have to admit the plots are. The only real difference is that the main character in Taken is a retired CIA agent, whilst the main character in Stolen is a criminal. The content of those two movies are probably as different as they can get though, even though the plot seems so similar, and I really have to watch Taken sooner or later. And I will.

Reason? The sequel was good! It's as close to a sequel as any sequel can get, too. A bunch of relatives to the people the main character killed in the last movie decide to get revenge on him, and this time they kidnap him... and his wife (ehm, ex-wife... but not for long), and they try to kidnap his daughter.

I don't know if there is much similarity in the plot between this movie and the former, though they both sound very similar, but at least this was a good movie. There's plenty of action, and the fights are staged in a way that make them seem professional, though at the same time there's never any real sense of danger to the main character. He takes hits, sure, but the weapons are somehow made to seem less dangerous than they could be. When they're fighting around with batons it looks like they're just regular sticks. They even sound very sticky. I mean, the action sequences never seem really brutal except when there's shooting involved (or grenades!), but at the same I suppose it conveys a certain realism. The main character also always seems to be one step ahead of his kidnappers. Though it's exiting, it always feels like he'll walk out of it OK, and he does.

But, it's a good movie! It contains plenty of action, a decent plot, good actors, and... there's really not much more to it. The obligatory car chase is included too (with a twist, his daughter driving!), and the filmography is consistent and atmospheric. It's good! If they could stop using the horrible shaky cam effects in all these modern action movies it would be even better, but that's a different aspect. Overall, this is yet another gritty action flick for all action fans to pop into a BRay player (if they have one, that is) and as if it was a game: play! Until next time.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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