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Taxi (1998)

Taxi (1998)

Before Luc Besson went to Hollywood and gave us the Transporter movies with Jason Statham he made a series of movies about taxi driver Daniel and a cop called Emilian.

Daniel hates cops, Emilien is a cop. Daniel is a great driver, Emilien is an incredibly bad driver. They meet by coincidence (when Emilian is trying and failing miserable to get a drivers license) and become good buddies despite their differences. Well, actually, they don't know about their differences at the beginning.

Apart from these two main characters there are also their girlfriends and the inspector Gilbert along with the rest of the incompetent police force in their village (oh btw, story takes place in France, in French, I watched it with English subs) and a gang of German criminals robbing banks. Furthermore there's a bunch of stereotypical characters with various occupations and nationalities, a lot of dumb jokes, a lot of comedy, a lot of driving, drama & some crazy stunts along the way.

If you haven't seen this movie but still think it sounds oddly familiar, maybe you've seen the 2004 remake, which is basically the same movie Hollywoodified (female lead character for one) with more special effects, less real action, less real comedy; more exaggerated Americanized humor (including less jokes that could be deemed inappropriate by various specific audiences, which really gets rid of much of the core humor) by the same director after he moved out of France.

Don't get me wrong, the remake is a great movie anyway, but as is the case with the El Mariachi low quality budget first make opposed to The Desperado, nothing beats the original... and this isn't low budget either, there are plenty of crashed cars to vouch for that fact.

Overall I love this movie, and the whole series as well. Both lead characters are great lead characters, specially Daniel, he's the humorous good guy who knows how to drive and always seems to be more competent than the police, someone you can relate to... or not... but will like anyway.

If you've watched other French (funny, not those strange abstract) movies and liked them, don't miss this, for real.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

January, 2023

Taxi (1998)

It's still good! Still an appreciably silly but classy French comedy about cops and robbers, with a racer smack dab in the midst. Or rather - though that might be what he is at heart: a very capable taxi driver. In stark comparison to the other main character cop.

There's this one German who laughs too much - and unnaturally so - but apart from him the cast is gold, the characters complement each other well, Daniel's charming, Lilly is incredibly sexy, and the cops aren't all bad either! Stereotypes or comedic sidekicks though most of them may be.
At least there's also Petra.

Some comical bits maybe feel a bit too silly - maybe they're dated, but for the most part you laugh both at and with the characters, and occasionally you feel embarrassed for them too. It's immersive, and the gunfights are sometimes unexpectedly brutal, and the car scenes are fast! And furious. And real. I've always liked the way Luc Besson directs them.

Or so I thought, apparently it's Gérard Pirès.

Feels like the scooter intro was unnecessarily long, but as soon as you get into the movie after that it's awesome. The initial motorcycle parade was cooler than I recalled too. Reminds me GTO.

Also: There's an unexpected flash of nudity in one scene! Woo hoo. This is the only one of the Taxi movies that has that.

Still a great watch. If you want a no-nonsense action comedy with cars and a little romance in the mix you won't go wrong with this one.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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