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Tell Me How I Die (2016)

Tell Me How I Die (2016)

I thought Ryan Higa (nigahiga) actually directed this movie, but as it turns out he's just an actor within it. He puts on a good performance though, even if it feels weird seeing him in a 'serious' role. Somehow the atmosphere around him just never gets that serious. He's not a serious guy, you know? Prejudice.

But the movie is pretty intense. It's a horror movie with an actually scary premises: a research project gone wrong: An experimental drug meant to enhance memory, that lets the subjects catch glimpses of the future instead. Like they're living a loop. Not in an infinite loop, but once or twice... at least.

Maybe that sounds like a fun idea - but when someone's letting out mustard gas in the ventilation system and stabbing personnel in the ward - and the 'test subjects' aren't allowed to leave before their trial is over, it gets a bit creepy! The atmosphere builds up, and though it's all but perfect, it's probably one of the most authentic scary movies I've seen in a while. One with a genuine idea, and not all too atypical acting. The main characters are all a group of teenagers, sure, and there's a lot of running around in light clothing, and yes the main character is a girl, but it's more than that. It's a good movie.

Just one thing... I didn't get the ending twist I expected! What started out perfect ended a bit too simple. Unimaginative. Complete, but not the way I wanted - and not just because it wasn't a happy ending, but because it could've gone so much deeper. And that's why it gets a 3.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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