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Terms And Conditions May Apply (2013)

Terms And Conditions May Apply (2013)

Here's a documentary about privacy. About how pretty much every move we take while interacting or searching for information online is documented and collected in NSAs huge basement-level storage facilities. How free speech is dead. How protests have been stopped before they even happen. How 'criminals' are jailed before they even commit a 'crime'. It's about injustice, the need for freedom, and how you don't know if you have nothing to hide until you do.

Of course you have something to hide. For starters, what about your passwords, the keys to your digital houses? What about your credit card information? Your banking records and financial status? Your home address, telephone number and contact info of everyone who know or have ever interacted with? What about your search queries for advice on embarrassing situations, gifts or intimate photos you thought you'd upload privately? It's all out there. It's all saved.

I've known about the war on privacy for a long time, and posted about it plenty, yet seeing the facts and the situations they've caused made me contemplate (once again) swapping email and search and video provider to something more trustworthy than Google (ever read their policies?), but there is a reason they are so large after all. I don't mean the fact that the NSA has direct access to their information databases (amongst many other huge tech companies - like Facebook) or how they're legally entitled to sell confidential information on you to anyone willing to buy. What I mean is that their service is, plain and simple, great. Not to mention free. But you probably know that saying on how Everything that seems to be too good to be true....

Well, it's true. It's too good to be true. These social services the majority of us use are at the sacrifice of our privacy, and may eventually even be at the sacrifice of fundamental rights like our freedom of speech... or thought. The situation seems worse in the US than in other areas of the world, but the NSA aren't collection information on just American citizens. The UK aren't either. ANd even if some countries aren't collecting, what's to stop them from buying? If a third-party can be a loophole in the fourth amendment in the US, what other loopholes don't exist in the rest of the world? From my recent attempts at getting a TTIN for a W-Ben8 form through the IRS, I've realized with what incredible scrutiny the US handle such things as law and order. Unless that's also the reason they handle surveillance the same way, the rest of the world might be walking a dangerous path in the future yet to come.

Someone has to control all of this information (least that's what Obama says), and imagine what they'd be capable of doing with it if they control it the wrong way; if the wrong people get their hands on all of that info. It¨s a scary world out there, but this was an enlightening watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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