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That Dentist Day & Concerts

It went OK! No cavities. And Marilyn Manson was awesome.

As were Hollywood Vampires (most notably Johnny Depp, John Perry and Alice Cooper) yesterday, and The Last Internationale before that (a small band from New York worth a whole lot of recognition - great energy live), and Tjuvjakt today.

It's been a pretty intense concert week! Managed to squeeze in Deadpool 2 at the movies before this last one too, a couple of restaurant visits (Sally Voltaire & Systrar and Refuel Café), and today a quick double-rebate meal at Burger King.

I'm not sure I've ever eaten anything there before apart from their ice cream - which is great - but I don't think I'll make it a habit either. Cheap has certain side-effects. The salad was tasteless. The tomato was tasteless. Even the cheese was tasteless! The fries too. And no onions - just a small dose of peppers. The burgers were alright but I can definitely see why they have competition, and I ate them without bread since I forgot to mention I wanted it gluten-free. Maybe it's different in their home country though. Maybe ingredients vary by location. I hope so.

I'm running a bit late with other dues after all these concerts, and the house is in dire need of tending to too since I'm now doing so solo - parents are furthering the garden up North - but the next week's looking to be a bit calmer. Just one more concert this Sunday and then another three next week! Oh wait... this seems strangely similar. Looks like I'd better catch up this weekend...

Feels great to be living at a bit higher pace than usual though, and not getting train wrecked and catching a cold or something - like it seems I all too often do. And the dentist day went OK! Burdening boulders roll over and shoulder weights lift. It's been a great week, and seems like a good weekend on the list.


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