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That Pesky Windows 10 Upgrade Notice

Microsoft just won't give up! The upgrade notice started appearing again, and this time it won't disappear.

They won't let you choose to not upgrade your system either. On every tab you visit there's an 'Upgrade' button. And whatever you do, don't click the side menu and select an option there, or it'll start downloading immediately!

I posted a few screencaps of this little annoying ad earlier, but it seems it's changed a bit since then. Here's how it looks now, and if you want to know how to disable the upgrade there's more on that below.

(Hope you don't mind the Swedish interface btw, that's the language I usually use when I'm not writing.)

You Can Upgrade!

Upgrade Later?

Finally Upgrade?

Press The Upgrade Button?

Please Upgrade?


Upgrade Now?

So, what do? You could either uninstall certain upgrades, and edit your registry, or, you can run Never10 (it's freeware), and make sure the upgrade process is disabled entirely. It looks like this:

Upgrades Are ON

One click of a button and...

Upgrades Are OFF!!

It goes to this! Finally. Upgrades are off. Now let's hope Microsoft doesn't persist, and make a workaround like they did for their old, less aggressive, updates. The way they've been going about this I will never upgrade to Windows 10. Ever. It's Windows 7 until support's over, and unless they're back on track after that, either Linux or back to Mac.

Windows 10 is no alternative for me.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Apr/7/2016

    I try to stay away from Shekelsoft and there sneaky upgrades. My computer is damaged somehow and doesn't even let me update Windows anyway. but ehh, Linux is for nerds and MAC is for degenerates. It's a lose-lose situation. That's why I use MS-DOS.

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Apr/7/2016

    Shekelsoft huh? Wonder what the story's behind that name? Heh, if you're on MS-DOS you won't be bothered by these upgrade notices at least! I really like Windows 7 though, but after this it all turnws to shit. Wish they'd chosen a different path. Unless they change, it's a dead end for Microsoft and Me.

    There are some easy-to-use Linux alternations out there btw, but I would really rather stay with Windows if possible. Never10 though.

  3. S3C
    Friday Oct/4/2019

    So have you still managed to evade Windows 10 3.5 years later? I've temporarily broke away from the Matrix, and can affirm that Windows 10 IS a virus. Agent Smith absorbed Bill Gates or something. I still feel MAC is for degenerates and Linux is for nerds(there's also Chrome OS now). Linux does have some user-friendly distros but ultimately there's gonna be a slew of software compatibility problems. And I hate to admit it, but if you ignore hardware-agnosticism and are willing to fork an extra 500$ dollars (which is just a drop in the bucket to the amount of lost work revenue thanks to Microsoft's invasive, mandated upgrades), Apple is simply a better product. Unless if Microsoft drastically changes there PC gameplan this will probably be the last Windows machine I purchase.

  4. Cyber
    Friday Oct/4/2019

    I'm actually on a Windows 10 computer right now. :/ But this is at work. At home: still Windows 7. 7 forever. The support end's closing in but suddenly they're not making any sudden moves anymore...

    You've stashed up the $$$ required for an Apple upgrade then? I'm wondering if I can keep going with 7 for a while yet. Third-party software won't stop supporting it right away. Maybe they'll still put out the occasional security patch for it... I'm really used to the layout/style at this point. Don't feel like changing unless I have to. And Apple is kinda pricey...

    There are certain tweaks you can do with Windows 10 to make it LOOK like Windows 7, I have those added at work, but the way it functions... nah. Those updates are still as bad as ever. Whatever happened to choice. Whatever happened to freedom. It's all just whatever.

  5. Cyber
    Friday Oct/4/2019

    Agree. I won't be going with (new) Windows anywhere I have a say unless they change their ways.

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