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That Swedish Day

That Swedish Day

Thank ya Google for celebratin' with us! :D

Was happy to stumble upon this on my (surprisingly late) first search of the day. Happy mostly because the artwork's awesome but also because they acknowledged the event.

It's a national holiday here today, a red day, so I'm free. I've been spending it on sleep, a walk, a bike ride to pick up a parcel, gardening, and some good ol' trying to get things done by the computer. Feeling stressed.

Time's closing in for the main event. A concert. Marilyn Manson.

What better way to spend That Swedish Day than with some American Heavy Metal? The weather's good and people aren't working though so I hope there's space left in the crowd when I get there. It's a first-come-first-serve type of event at the traditional theme park Gröna Lund.

Time to get out and have a party, and tomorrow I'm going to the dentist...


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/6/2018

    what's better? how about some Swedish Heavy Metal? Although you might prefer American dental services...

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/7/2018

    Aw hell yeah! >:D That would've been great too, though Manson didn't disappoint! Dentist appointment actually didn't disappoint either. No cavities. :) Despite it being a few years since the last visit. And great service overall, again, so it feels like my dental phobia's sort of slowly fading...

    If I'd had any though I'd definitely prefer some American dentistry in the fixing thereof.

  3. S3C
    Thursday Jun/7/2018

    oh that's good then...i thought you mentioned a while ago that they hardly had working water (an exaggeration i know) leading me to believe that the dental services where subpar in Sweden...2x a year is the recommended dentist rate over here, I had to dial it back to once a year after my dental insurance got cancelled (unless I want to pay $2000 more a year). Went to the dentist recently, no cavities per usual- great services as always (been going to the same dentist since 1995) which include teeth cleaning, dental checkup, and x-rays. but it set me back a few hundred dollars and I ponder if it's worth it...

    i've only had 3 cavities in my life- one which was on a sensitive hard-to-brush-entirely wisdom tooth, which got removed along with two others...

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/7/2018

    They are but not THAT subpar. XD This was a private clinic btw, as was the last one I went to (which was great too). Since at my last visit at a public one they found 21 cavities I didn't have I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth regarding THOSE. Public healthcare overall isn't recommended unless you really need it here.

    Oh that's more than I expected! Over here they recommend each year. You get called in automatically to the nearest public reception once a year until you choose to 'unsubscribe'. You get a small grant for dental care each year (until you hit 18 it's free), but you can save up for at most two years, so a lot of people go every other year to make use of those. They recently doubled the grant so now it just about covers a regular check-up (a regular check-up goes at 700 SEK and up).

    Oh man that's expensive! Insurance cancelled because you stopped paying it? Other reasons? The place I went to today had teeth cleaning and x-rays too, and some air flow polishing (is that standard over there?), but it was a deal (90% rebate), so normal cost would've been a bit more than I was willing to pay, around 1600 SEK I think. Still not considerably expensive compared to others.

    Yeah if you rarely get cavities it sounds like a lot of $$$ for little service! Does feel pretty good though. So smoooooth teeth after this... also works pretty well as motivational boost to actually take care of your teeth. Seems I always start rushing that routine after a while.

  5. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/7/2018

    Btw about that sup-bar thing: they barely have laser-based dentistry clinics here, so that's my main issue, apart from plain incompetence with the public clinics. Don't think we have as healthy materials either. I read a lot about how you guys keep revolutionizing the dental game, with ozone-based enamel-rebuilding and what-not. Wish we could get some of that stuff here!

  6. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/7/2018

    Also, not sure how many cavities I've had but I think it's a bit more than three, 5-6 maybe. Was pretty bad at taking care of my teeth back in the day (didn't eat as healthy stuff either, as you know), but later years it's been going pretty good. I have two wisdom teeth that are a bit hard to keep clean too though. Possible they'll have to go eventually, but I am feeling kind of wise with all four of 'em intact so far. :) Might be wise to keep 'em clean; keep em; stay wise...

  7. S3C
    Thursday Jun/7/2018

    geez, 21 mistakes? how did you confirm that every cavity actually was just the result of the dentists' depravity? same here for public health system. had a friend that worked at a public clinic before officially becoming a dentist. A lot of them are run by retired and student physicians. do the grants still apply to private practices?

    I actually never paid for that insurance (the plan that covered medical and dental). Ironically, when I started paying for insurance, the plan was considerably worse. My dad has a good job with good insurance benefits- including dental, which not only covers him but also children. And by law or something thanks to Obama, children means any financial dependents up to the age of 26. I mean I cannot complain most people at the point should have some decent kind of job yeah... So when I turned 26, I had to purchase an independent insurance plan, and I couldn't afford the 'premium' which comes with dental.

    lol, ozone-based enamel rebuilding sounds like a borderline cosmetic treatment reserved for the upper class. Don't think I've had that. just the standard air flow polishing. I'm not sure what laser-based dentistry is...just the standard tools, which in and of itself look like they belong in a horror/torture scene...

    yeah, I lost my appetite for wine & cheese parties and went back to watching spongebob after having three wisdom teeth pulled

  8. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/7/2018

    Yupp, and they didn't find the one cavity I DID have. XD Well I went to two other dentists after. To the first I brought a list of cavities the previous one had found, but all of them were simply discolorations or healed cavities according to them. They found one that wasn't listed, where I actually had been having some pain, and fixed that. I went to a third party after them, didn't tell them about previous visits, and they found nothing, so that felt like sufficient confirmation, adding in the fact that it didn't feel like I had any cavities left.

    Ah yeah, don't know about students but definitely a lot of old people here too (that 21 one was one such one). Yupp, the grants work with any place within the country. The one good thing about the public clinics is they have standard prices though. Private clinics are forced to list the standard price as a 'reference price' beside their own, at least, so you know how much more expensive they really are (for such treatment where there IS a standard price - like that regular check-up).

    Ah, good knowing! I'm still covered by our home insurance as long as I live at home too, but currently only have personal insurance (accident insurance?) at work. When I studied at the university I had one of those a bit cheaper, but now it's so expensive I'm not sure it's worth it. if I do get into a serious accident I'll most definitely regret I'm not paying for it, but at the same time... actually come to think of it I should probably sign up for some personal insurance ASAP. Last time I thought about it it seemed it was worth the gamble, for some reason... I guess you do have that kind of insurance btw? Does home insurance still cover the whole family too (possessions)?

    Regarding the 26 y/o thing btw, that's the age until which you can travel for 'teenager' prices over here. Pretty much all transportation companies - both public and private - have the same span. In other areas a lot of benefits end as soon as you hit 18. Or graduate. Whichever comes first.

    Well it's pretty revolutionary. Probably still not used in many (any?) places, but the potential... woah!!! You just apply ozone some special way (don't recall the specifics - maybe it wasn't all that easy), and the enamel reacts, and rebuilds itself. Ah so air flow is standard at least. :) High-class!

    Well drilling is either water-drill or laser based these days . Laser users micro explosions that don't harm the enamel, and only affect the softer, damaged parts of the tooth. It's painless too. A couple of decades ago they had American dentists in Costa Rica who used that, so I assumed it was common practice at its country of origin. Maybe not? I tried it here last time I had a cavity fixed. Won't be using water drills anymore! Unfortunately there's only a few clinics in the whole country who have the technology, but fortunately the demand isn't so high, but maybe unfortunately since high demand would mean: more clinics with that type of technology...

    lmao. XD Loss of appetite in conjunction with pulling wisdom teeth... it must be the wisdom. It's wise to eat - though maybe not wine and cheese.

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