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The Art Of The Steal (2013)

The Art Of The Steal (2013)

The Art Of The Steal is about a heist. Kurt Russell plays Crunch Calhoun, a driver unfortunately framed by his brother and set up for a ten year stretch of jail time. He abides his time, gets out, goes back to working and does OK... but he wants more, he wants that final job that they'd all be remembered for. At this moment fate stumbles into his life in the form of an eye-patched man holding a gun to his head asking for his brother, and so all of a sudden a new scheme unravels! One for greater riches than anyone of the involved parties yet imagine. And he reunites with his brother, for good and bad...

Along with the people bad-mouthing each other and messing things up (that's what separates a movie like this from a classic like Ocean's 11 - where even bad manner is done with style) there is a surprisingly elaborate plot, plenty of intrigue and plotting, planning and execution for that big heist that's going down. And it doesn't go quite as planned - there's more than one surprise along the way.

It's a good movie! The dialog could've been better, but the script's good, it tells the story well, reveals bits and pieces of a larger scheme that eventually falls into place and goes a full circle around the message delivered during the beginning stretch: that it's all about trust. If you don't have that, what have you got?

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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