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The Avengers 4 - Endgame (2019)

The Avengers 4 - Endgame (2019)

So it's time for the one. The finale. The end of the line.

I guess I should've expected that nothing could really compare to the last one though. They had the element of surprise there. Of shock. This one held a boatload of emotions, but it just didn't have the same factor of the unexpected, and Thanos is once again turned into a simple villain, from just recently the inconceivable victor and visionary.

Meanwhile humanity can't adapt. It feeds on hate. On love, too, but hate based on love more so than anything else.

You'd also think that cities with half their inhabitants wouldn't be quite as barren as they were here. It was like the end of the world, basically, and Thor's jelly belly doesn't hold. Not good enough, Marvel! Not good enough!

That said I did enjoy the journey, the epic battle at the end of it all, the twist and turns and bits of comedy, and wisdom, and the wondrous special effects along the way there.

There's really nothing like it. It hit me in the feels time and time again, and nothing more so than the ending... or beginning. One of those. Even if I knew what was coming with the both of them.

So I have mixed views on this movie, and not least because I had incredibly high (albeit a bit hesitant - knowing it'd be hard to match) expectations of it. And I was right - it didn't hold up to my expectations.

I believe that's all mostly because it took the expected route. This is how a movie like this usually ends, and that the last one didn't: that's what really made it stand out. I think that'd still hold true if I watch the previous right after this one.

I feel like I should be noticing more nuances too, but maybe I did; I'm just not coordinated enough to pinpoint them. It was fragmented and predictable, but also an emotional and worthy finale, and those three hours really didn't seem like more than two.

Feels like they could've thrown in another hour and that would've been OK too. So much to tie together. So many personalities. Such an epic battle done in such haste - but then again so much time spent up on tear-eyed meetings and build-up.

And yet I wouldn't have complained had they had some more of those too... it was great. Overall it was all great.

That's gotta be the consensus when it was hella long but still: just not long enough after all. Ain't that how life always is. Always the endgame.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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