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The Best Rice

The Best Rice

I composed a quick lunch today from some leftover rice and a blob of vegetables, threw in some random spices and made a Crème fraîche sauce, tasted it and WOAH the taste just overwhelmed me as the water would have done if I had fallen through the ice at the North Pole while running through a snowstorm midwinter. It wasn't bad, nope, it was perfect.

It was the best rice I have ever tasted.

You couldn't get a better tasting rice even if you went to a five star restaurant and ordered their very best rice, though I'm probably being a bit too modest here. This rice really was amazing, I really mean amazing, it was so good that you're satisfied after eating a regular portion, savoring the taste as if it was divine, living on that single meal for hours and days.

If I was a weaker individual I'd have fainted.

If I had a weak heart I'd have had a heart attack.

If I was running from the cops after robbing a few million dollars from a bank I would have become totally disorientated and probably run straight into a brick wall.

Woah woah woah, I'm just, I'm amazed. Hope this isn't the last time I make something this great. It makes my day and week and month and maybe a cookbook sometime if I remember the exact dosage of the various spicy ingredients. And it wasn't spicy either, it wasn't too mild either, it was just ... perfect. I could type in another thousand words about this rice, but you saw the picture.



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  1. Cyberdevil
    Friday Oct/15/2010

    It really was.

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