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The Beta Test (2021)

The Beta Test (2021)

It's Eyes Wide Shut meets social media! With a little memento. A surreal chase, through the life of Jordan Hines, for a girl. For love. For purpose. As the world crumbles around him.

There are probably some good moral lessons to this. To shut off your phone, for one. But the brief flickers of a sexual encounter distract me from morality. As do the savage and spontaneous interacts. The madness of it all, leading to an end where it seems car lights flicker on the other side of the wall...

And I wonder what that really means.

Was someone there? Why did he run away?

For a moment I wondered if the man was really just the embodiment of the World Wide Web taking form within his mad mind.

Certain elements leave me confused, and Jim's big honest breakdown felt to some extent almost Jim Carry-like comedic - not suitable - but for the most part... what a movie.

My eyes are peeled all the way through, from the first quick flicker of silverware, and the woman's head going right through the cheap plaster. Swedes too. What a movie...

It's the first one in a while that really surprised me, and took me somewhere I didn't expect to go. Should I say it again? What a...

No, let's go with:

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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