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The Blackout (2013)

The Blackout (2013)

It's one more crazy party movie, with a totally misleading cover! A bunch of guys (a band) wake up after the greatest party ever, find a dead guy in the pool, get drunk again to remember what really happened the night before, and then a couple of officers come knocking.

Party humor isn't really my thing. I've never understood this fascination for watching drugged and drunken people throw up all over the place and make fools out of themselves, though fortunately they don't do this all the time. Considering it all takes place at the same house I'm surprised it kept my attention for a full hour too, but I guess in the end the people involved were pretty entertaining to watch. It's not dumb, not bad just... a bit crude and pointless. Decent watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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