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The Blogging And Questions Of Life

You know I don't blog for you. I blog for me.

I blog so that I feel good. I write about my thoughts, my wonders, events that have affected me that I feel like speaking about online. I don't censor the blog, though I leave some subjects out. I'm not religious, but I'm a morally limited human being of regular sort. Just like anyone else, but not like anyone else.

So what makes me so special? What makes me so amazing that all of you follow me in a curvy line writing out imaginary letters on the road? Nah, skip that, I'm getting too influenced by Maddox, won't let my ego rise, strike it, crush it, make it dwindle. Make me wise. Make me a better being.

So what does it mean to be human? Do we feel things no other animals can feel? Do our emotions really make us special? How about all the knowledge we have attained during our long years on top of this no longer flat planet called earth? I could care less about that knowledge, out knowledge doesn't make us better, it makes us believe we are better, the knowledge of knowledge is what separates us from others, what disrupts the harmony. Knowledge is heavy. It's a burden. It breaks the balance. We're a too big weight to the world and we'll soon make it topple over and self-destruct.

It makes us fall.

So what about the universe? Is it really endless? I think it's a dimension, a planet, just an entity, not the whole. We thought the world was flat earlier, right? We think the universe is dimensional in the same way as all things we know, we think materia can't be void, we think a square can't be round, we think that what doesn't end has to continue. We think too much, period.

I can picture the universe in my head, how it's built, but I can't explain it. Or maybe I don't want to try, who knows. :)

Does God know?

Nah, I don't believe in him. Is God a he? If he existed, I don't know, that's the way most of us picture him ... right? Long white beard? Wise eyes? Old yet muscular, not like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Hmm, I think he'd not be a he, he'd be asexual if in material form, but I don't think he would be in material form, I think he'd be energy. I believe in energy. What I don't believe in is that energy having control, I believe in it having a will to some extent, but not one that stretches above our reach, not one that decides our fate and governs over life and death. I believe it governs over the world, objectively, not with reason.

What else? I have many questions, I have no answers, I make my own, I have a will to think, one to not be bound by what you think, but to think for myself and form my own adventure.


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