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The Blue Lagoon 2 - Return To The Blue Lagoon (1991)

Blue Lagoon 2 - Return To The Blue Lagoon (1991)

I watched The Blue Lagoon a while ago, and discovered during my thorough Googling on potential ending theories (did they die or didn't they?) that there was actually a sequel! So I watched it, of course.

If you found the ambiguous ending in the previous inspiring you'd better avoid this. If you liked the previous and don't want it to lose it's magic you'd better avoid this too. If you didn't like the previous you probably won't like this either, because it's pretty much the same thing, only now there's a mother with the kids instead of an old sea dog, and one of them just so happens to be a survivor from the prequel. You could say it's the Black Lagoon Legacy.

Compared to the previous this one isn't all that dark, and the sense of isolation feels further off. The characters (a boy and a girl, of course) grow up and go through puberty similarly to the pair in the previous movie, but they do their best to switch things up a bit.

It's not bad, and the sceneries are as beautiful and exotic as they were before, but the mystery isn't there anymore, and the love feels a bit shallow... or forced. The mood's not the same. The magic's gone. It does have a more conclusive ending, a bout of action, and a few twists over the old as well as a message relevant to our our modern time... but it's not the same, even though it feels like that's all it tries to be, and maybe it tries to cut off all loose ends and explain things too much, because when it's over there's really nothing left.

The indigenous people. The bad guys. The good guys. Marriage. Death. Family. Everything's in black and white now, and mapped out so clearly there's nothing left to the imagination. No uncertain white blotches beyond our character territory. It's an exploited tropical paradise now.

It's like both sequel and remake in one, and if you've ever watched either one or the other you'll know neither sequels nor remakes tend to be better than the original. If you were content with that one, feel free to leave this one be. Apart from a young Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause you're not missing anything particular.

 rated 3/5: not bad

May, 2017

The Blue Lagoon 2 - Return To The Blue Lagoon (1991)

Oh whoops, I'd already written a review for this, but not posted it! Here it is...

It's like The Blue Lagoon all over again, on the same island, with two new people and a slightly different set of circumstances. This time they're not shipwrecked: they're cast adrift because a ship is plagued by cholera, and it's not an old seadog who jumps ship with the kids, but a mother, and the boy is the son of the two lovebirds from the first movie.

They stumble upon similar horrors though, and venture off to the other side of the island too, but it feels the threat is less this time around. They're not as naive as their predecessors, not as clueless about the real world, the ending's not ambiguous, and in the end the topic of civilization lends a hand in breaking the atmosphere. Maybe it's just not as authentically filmed, or scripted, and though Milla does look beautiful her sad face often feels forced. It ends with love, and a message, but... it's just not the same, even if it does everything the same way.

The sights are beautiful, the characters are beautiful, but it doesn't have the same glow as the previous, when it was all new, uncharted territory, and they had a script and cast that made the best possible use of that purity. It's not a bad film for the genre, but with the Blue Lagoon it could've been so much more.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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