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The Book Of Eli (2010)

The Book Of Eli (2010)

I wasn't expecting a religious movie when I started watching this. It seemed like any other post-apocalyptic action thriller out there, albeit with the as-always impressive Denzel Washington in the lead, and Gary Oldman the villain, and Mila Kunis the sidekick... sort of. It was just full of surprises though, and really didn't go any way I expected it, not even at the end. You might not get zombies - you don't really know what you'll get, but whatever it is it's a new take on a classic - in many ways.

It borrows inspiration freely, not just from future dystopias, but social-reform movies like Equilibrium, and environmental movies, and games, and religion, and the old West, and it weaves a gray but refreshing tale out of these old inspirations.

It left me with shivers. It felt like a modern interpretation of the bible, an inspiring voyage; testament. Not so inspiring it made me believe, but inspiring enough that it made me feel like it might be good to do so. There's something special about faith when it's blind, and when you're this close to it. The light of day... is something everyone can feel, even if it's a luxury some are deprived of.

The post-apocalyptic world is barren, washed-out, withered and authentic. It feels as real as the journey, and the plot is simple, but lull with secrets and surprise, as heavy with hints as it is; savorable as that last bottle of shampoo. The contrasts are heavy; even with all that light, it's such a dark world. It really wasn't like any other post-apocalyptic movie after all.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Sunday Jun/26/2016

    A true classic! Tops S3C's must watch list of 2010 behind Inception. *SPOILERS*


    when in the movie did you figure out that Eli was blind??

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Jun/26/2016

    Fo rizzle!


    I don't think I actually realized he was until he'd made it to the island, and told the caretaker to bring a lot of paper. So embarrassingly late. At the shootout in town I wondered if he was a ghost, or immortal, or a man made of sand (I had the religious context figured out at least), but once the morse code went up on the table all of those signs were so clear! When he shot the bird, or how he turned his head to listen, or didn't immediately react when he was being fired upon, and commented on the scent of perfume. The hints were all over the place. I really like how they paved out the details that way, though at the same time he didn't move or act like any other blind man... that a higher power led him along just makes it all the more intriguing; mysterious, especially when the audience wasn't let in on the secret either. How about you, when did you figure it out?

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