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The Brothers Grimsby (2016)

The Brothers Grimsby (2016)

Sasha Cohen, ladies and gentlemen! There's really nobody like him. This time in a spy movie playing a 'football hooligan' who just so happens to run into his long-distanced top spy brother, and team up on an epic mission that takes them to the savannas of Africa, and beyond.

I found out about this movie via the notorious elephant scene (though it wasn't so notorious that I found out about it until now - Google it with care if it wasn't previously notorious for you either - NSFW), and as always it manages to surprise in so many areas, and even after seeming to stoop ro the lowest possible points of comedy it has you both chained and shying away until the very end of it.

As *I can't remember who I was going to paraphrase here anymore* says: Cohen really fills a hole in the cinema world right now. He may be crude, but there's no one quite as dedicated or craftful.

What I'm really surprised about is how he manages to get people like Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson, Scott Adkins, Penélope Cruz (!) and Isla Fisher to follow along in a movie as crazy as this! It feels like the landscape of mainstream cinema must have changed a lot to allow for things like this. You'd think popular actors might not want this in their careers, but it's a particular form of greatness, it is. Maybe for Penélope in particular it was Sausage Party that truly opened the floodgates.

But hey, I'm part of those Fast & Furious franchise keep-alivers too! No shame. This was great.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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