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The Cell (2000)

The Cell (2000)

This one's a dance of death - a musical of the macabre. It starts out serene, with dunes of desert sand playing in the wind... but soon takes a trip to the psychotic, sexual, and dangerously deranged.

It moves from the mind of kid in a coma to the mind of a psycho - that might help the FBI find a missing woman locked within a cube of glass soon to be filled with water. A cube of glass he put her in, with a mind full of cubes the protagonist risks falling into herself.

J-Lo plays Katherine - the main character - a psychologist extraordinaire, and Vince Vaughn the cop with commitment. They start out at different places in the movie, but are soon brought together in the common cause of finding this woman and saving her life - and as Katherine gets all the more entangled in the mind of the madman: maybe saving him too.

The scenes are bizarre, both dark and sunny. They're artsy - like Suspira. They look like I miss those days! Of when movies really were a form of art. Horror. Thriller. Fantasy. Morbid, maniacal, sensual, sinister, mystery and mind games... to the point you don't really know what's real or not.

And even when it's over can you really know for certain? The ending was... less open to interpretation than I expected it to be, though. I'm still not sure. Uncertainty has a certain appeal. She drives off in a blue car.

Overall this was a thoroughly well-made movie. Uncomfortable and tense, but beautiful in its own way. Different. It's like the regular serial killer thriller with a twist; both sci-fi and horror mixed in.

It might be Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn's strongest performances as well! I wasn't expecting so much from them, but they go beyond. It's a not-overly-known but very well selected cast overall, for a not-overly-known but exceptional movie. This is going in my favorites.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday May/9/2018

    oh nice! finally one of my recommendations gets a friggin awesome 5/5 I see

    it probably is Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn's strongest performances, but that isn't saying much. They both are typecast to lowbrow comedy-romance movies. But I don't mind pre-wedding crashers Vince Vaughn, and the only role J-Lo can pull off is the caring therapist/counselor/psychologist. but you missed the opportunity to give a shoutout to the real star of this film: Vincent D'onofrio.

    a most imaginative movie. Probably my favorite costume designs of all time (HellBoy 2 is up there as well): from the villain with the giant purple wall cape, evil J-Lo's red bedroom outfit, her nun/saint costume, the antagonist as an organ harvesting puppeteer. The wide palette of colors and deep worlds. Really illustrates the menacing, dark mind emanating from a (mostly) evil being, starting from his major abuse as a child. As creative as this film was, the plot isn't particularly deep or thought provoking, so I give it a 4/5. I wish the psycho's mind could have been explored further, especially the evil J-LO character, but that might of ruined the charm of the movie. There was a good reality-dreamworld balance.

    i thought the ending was pretty clear- J-Lo is using her newfound skills of the dream technology/getting into people's heads to take the boy out of the coma.

    this music video is what encouraged me to the seek out the film btw:

    really makes you think...

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday May/9/2018

    Yeah if you know of any other movies like this one I'm all eyes. :) Think it just really surpassed my expectations though! It wasn't just great, and refreshingly unrestrained and artistic, but also so... different. Well I guess that's all the same thing.

    Oh yeah, Vincent D'onofrio was fantastic! Just not a name I know since before (though probably have seen other movies with him - I recognize the face). As he plays such an uncomfortable guy I guess it's not a role you praise by default either... but indeed, props to him! He really becomes his character in this one.

    Well said. Yeah, the depth... guess it wasn't that deep after all, but the presentation of it more than makes up for it for me. I like how unpredictable the world in his mind was in particular, even if the plot progress otherwise does go according to pattern. Didn't see the alternate J-Lo so much as evil as just... not there. A puppet to the master of the mind.

    Yeah but after that they meet up, and she's driving the same color car as the psycho, and has a dog just like him, and since she (so she said) allowed his younger self to stay within her mind... that leaves a gnawing suspicion. Just a little one though. I'm dubious if I'd have wanted the ambiguity a bit bigger or not - it ends in a good way if you don't really see into the details.

    Ah, artist I've never heard of... no speaker access right now so I'll add that to my watchlist. XD Follow-up comment later on today...

  3. Cyber
    Thursday May/10/2018

    ...or a day later. Sorry bout that. J-Lo does come across a lot more evil in that one... and man, the movie really makes something amazing out of that music! And vice versa... that's gotta appear in some future Muscalish thing.

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