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The Chieh Boxing Master (1982)

The Chieh Boxing Master (1982)

Here's the story of a stunt double who becomes buddies with a foreigner, catches a job as an insurance agent, runs into a real movie star and happens to fall prey to a scheme of cashing out on insurance money for the star rather than the movie, whilst doing some death-defying stunts in the process.

It's not a professional movie by any means, but it does have a lot of fights, and some nice insights into the old Hong Kong cinema biz. Not with the insurance gamble so much as with the stunts, and the fourth-wall filming.

I love the choreography from this time too, in that it's always structured in a way that makes it easy to follow, so in theory if you watch enough of these maybe you'll start to memorize certain moves. Maybe you can actually become a modern-day HK action star slash stunt-man too?!

Well, maybe not, but it's an entertaining thought regardless, and a watch. Classy classic. Good stunts with zero effects. And I wonder if the title on the movie is actually a typo of the times, or if it was really meant to be that way... all the more intriguing if it is. :)

 rated 3/5: not bad


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