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The Children Of Men (2006)

The Children Of Men (2006)

I thought this would be a war movie. Like Saving Private Ryan. Maybe I was thinking of Company Of Men... or not, considering there is no war movie with that name. Weird. Either way this was way better than I'd expected!

It's the story of a dystopian future world (ca 2027), where birth rates have declined to the zero point - everyone's infertile, and people live on fumes and hopelessness. Overpopulation is still an issue, only everyone's aging, and society's a violent and vile place to live. A gray, cold world... not all unlike that of today.

But there are points of light even in this one particularly discouraging future, like the fresh and futuristic Zen music (my ears), and more importantly: Joy (suitable name), who Theo Faron one day gets assigned to escort. She's an illegal, but she's also a miracle. A happy such.

Clive Owen, Michael Caine and Chiwetel Ejiofor were the notable names in the cast, and they all put on a good performance. Not amazing, but good. Satisfactory. The movie keeps the mood, the sceneries are realistically dystopian and the setting both gritty and gray and... sometimes... peaceful.

And then it does turn to war. To chaos. To greed. To misery. To magic. It's a both intense and inspiring journey. Melancholy but good.

Some of it does feel a bit cliche - the ending in particular, but it's one of those movies that make you think. That open your eyes. The children... we don't realize how important they really are. We don't realize what joy their voices lend us. We may know they are our future, but we don't know that without them: there just is no future for us.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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