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The Cold Horse Dream

I dreamt I was walking through the streets of the city with a horse.

It was cold.

We were a gathering of people and I didn't know anyone in the group, but we had a leader who seemed caring and tough. Could've been a person from a movie.

It feels like we started out in an airport or some kind of gathering site but I'm not sure where we were or where we were going, but it was winter, it was icy and we were alone in the world, and needed some place of refuge.

We came across a horse and I tamed it, and became friends with it.

It was unwilling to come along at first, but eventually it did.

I found it in a barn, and it didn't want to come outside at first, but eventually it did.

It really was winter. Freezing weather.

Unhealthy weather to be out in for too long.

We took refuge in a restaurant, a little place with lots of small tables, and plenty of people who didn't pay us much mind. I was with my sister and someone else - my brother possibly, not sure. In a little backroom we were talking about orders and what-not, looking at menu items on a screen.

There were just three items, one of which was Conan-shaped French fries - French fries that looked like Conan O'Brian, with the grumpy kind of frown he puts on occasionally, his face molded into the fries.

We stood there and talked for a while, and the employees talked about something else, and people were sitting around eating, and I started feeling sorry for the horse since it shouldn't be outside in this weather.

So I went outside and brought it in. To a little glassed-in area with tables right outside the restaurant. It was tight, but there was a bit more space between a few of the tables, so I brought it there and tried to make it understand that it was supposed to sit down, and it did, and we sat there and waited, the horse on the floor and me on a chair beside it.

Eventually a couple of other people sat down as well. Initially it was still cold - not an insulated area of the restaurant at all - but it did get warmer with us all there.

It went alright... and that's where the horse part of the dream ends.

Way earlier in the dream we were at a cliff of sorts, a steep mountain side, where I was on the shoreline with someone, not sure who.

He managed to get up in a genius way.

He stuck a sword into the wall, and somehow hoisted himself up to a wooden platform by looping a rope around the sword.

I followed suit. In the dream it seemed genius, but looking at it now I have no idea how that worked at all. There was no motor, the cliff wall was steep, and there's no way he could've thrown the sword into the top part of the cliff wall in the first place, or hoisted himself up on a rope tied around the blade of a sword without it cutting through, but in the dream it worked!

I spoke to my brother (in the dream) about this in awe, and I think we figured out a similar trick to get across the river before we reached the cliff... without a canoe.

A while later - above the cliff - we walked into a building with security.

I was with a few people now, one of which was a rich person - a part of some elite family. He talked to a guard and we got into the inner sanctum, rode up an elevator into the hallowed grounds at the very top of this cliff, and I'm not sure what happened then. Then came the horse.

Even earlier we were in a plane. I'm not sure with who or why again, but for a while I'm pretty sure my nephew was there, and we talked about interesting things as we usually do. Movies probably.

That's it, that's all I remember. Waking up from a dream, and it's 10:13...


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