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The Cozy Carrot Cove

The Cozy Carrot Cove

Requested a shark with purple shades and scars eating a carrot; coasting around a calm blue ocean cove, and here he is! Courtesy of @TheShokBlok.

He's the ocean boss with the dopest jaws - a death defying beast who feasts on basil and leeks, in the grizzliest abyss of wilderness - the sleekest peep in the deep. Seemingly equally awesome as Frozen was.... yet a bit more summery. ;) Get some sun and be. Free like bumblebee! Till the cold and thunderous fall...

Happy Summer y'all!


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  1. summerskoo
    Monday Aug/30/2021

    turn the lights off carry me home

  2. Cyber
    Monday Aug/30/2021

    Ey that somewhat rhymes too! XD Subtle blink-182 nod?

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