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The Creator (2023)

The Creator (2023)

What makes us human? Is AI really a threat? Is it the thing that will save us? Are they intentionally portraying USA as the ultimate evil here - or are they highlighting the human error? That just like how the original catastrophe was started in error - so is the reason we keep fighting. That maybe we could resolve all our wars if we just set our differences aside and changed the way we see the world...

These are questions that swirled through my mind after I've watched this... though I didn't really have time to let them circulate properly since I saw Avgrunden right after - at the cinema too - and it was equally jostling. Well maybe not equally, but similarly. I'm glad they're starting to let good characters die. I mean I'm not glad, but it amplifies the sadness so much. When some of the ones you become the most attached to meet such an untimely demise. When you don't expect it, especially. I mean maybe after a while you start suspecting but... you still wonder if by some miracle chance they won't scrape by and make it unscathed after all.

This ain't the eighties though huh? Things are different now. Things are deep. Things are tragic. Things are real.

The sci-fi world they paint up here feels strangely real too. Both special effects and sets are impeccable - I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that starred sceneries that weren't real to the extent this one does and still managed to make them look good! And I mean they REALLY look good. They don't hide things either. You see all. They went all out with the CGI. Reminds me a little of Alita: Battle Angel. Though wasn't that one animated... partially, was it...? Gotta get back.

I'm also reminded of Elysium. Great movie too if you haven't seen it - and not so similar you won't enjoy both - and notice the similarities between them when you have. There's a similar theme of self-sacrifice for one. But also the great thing up in the cloud. With Alita, too.

Another thing to praise and highlight: the soundtrack. Like the music that plays when they're embarking on their mission, to find Maya, and the ultimate weapon? God damn man. It's otherworldly. I don't recognize the language. I don't know if that just makes it better. It's alien and futuristic in the best possible way.

The characters don't always speak English either. And they don't ALWAYS translate - even if the do have those handy tools to automatically translate key items. And that's real. And futuristic. And the design of some of the other tech they use...

This movie blew me away for real. It reignited the sci-fi realm in my book. It refreshed my interest for the genre.

It came with such a turbulent and potent mix of emotions too that I... think I need some time to process it all.

Plus the backstory itself is pretty damn interesting! And intriguing. And relevant. And every single notable character has such a strong persona and/or memorable appearance. AND they managed to make those flashbacks in the beginning so real! I'm impressed with that too. Not just with the filters but with the actors they chose there too. How they articulated speeches and commercials. How perfectly everyone and everything seems selected for their roles.

Both the premise and structures here are bigger than life on so many levels. Whenever I feel like I'm starting to fall into critique mode and notice inconsistencies or scruples with the script they blow me away again with the designs, or the unexpected comedy, or strength of character, or raw punch of emotion that makes me tear up and lose my direction of critique...

Best sci-fi movie in a while! Maybe one of the best ever. I can't wait till I forget this enough to give it another watch and see if I still stand by it - cause this was grand.

What an experience. It excels in any way I can articulate it.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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