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The Dark, The Force, The Future (0:44)

Knocked you dead eye, as if I was a Jedi
Days go, some of us just step by
I'm on a cliff take a step, bye
I'm on my shit, catch my breath, feel alive again
Ready to jive again, throw a javelin
All my suicidal tendencies they had to end
Woke up every day like this day has to end!
I'm glad, and I hope that: I'll never be thinking that again!

But I was never really serious was I?
When I look back I think I can't have been but would I recall
If I was when I'm not at all in the mood was in
Stuck on negativity; rattling on stupid things
Gathering dark thoughts in my mind that made me mine pined
Wondering about the otherside of thine sky
But I'm high now and I'm happy to say I think I'm on course
Was on the darkside, but then I felt... the force.


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