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The Day After (1983)

The Day After (1983)

The one that Day After Tomorrow was based upon, maybe...?

Maybe not. It feels different. More anti-nuclear propaganda than sci-fi post-apocalysm made to sell.

It may have a few explosive moments (actual footage from nuclear testing?) but most of the film's spent following the people impacted by the blast, as they first react, then witness, then survive, then wither and die, slowly... slowly...

It's not an optimistic movie. Nor an exciting one. It's not meant to be.

It's real and gritty in a way that others probably won't ever be - never mind those special effect skeletons, and when it's over... the prospect of a radioactive future feels all the more scary, and still so possible, considering how we pollute our world; how we power our pompous lifestyle.

Even as I'm writing this I'm doing so on this electric wave, with light in the ceiling, with heated floors, with a fridge, with plenty of accessories that may not currently be powered by plutonium but still, cumulatively, slowly drain the world of its luster and peace; of life.

We live in a different kind of radiation these days too, but that's something for another review.

Imagine if they made a movie like this inspired by the micro instead of the gamma. The different but long-term - in large enough doses - equally horrible.

Film-wise I think I'd give this a four, maybe a four and a half, but just gotta go a little higher for the message. And for anybody skimming through my little list of reviews now - as irrelevant as this may at your time of watching be - it's a well-meant reminder of our mortality, of our stupidity, and of how easily everything could get turned upside down just like that.

If you see anything going awry in this world you better stand up and say so, and hope we never see a world quite like this.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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