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The Day Of Endings

My nephew's supposed over-the-day visit lasted four days, and today is the last one. I think I've actually managed my regular job better than usual during this time - despite late nights, playing games and hectic dinner/dish-washing/plant-watering/whatever-other-chores-implore rushes amidst. It's been fun, and fun = extra energy.

Of course it just so happened that this week he came to visit was my last week of work before summer, and before I head North. Normally I'd probably have been able to take a day off, but this time I've had to work more than usual instead. My sister had a couple vacant spaces in her otherwise-also-tighter-than-usual schedule though, and my cousin stepped in on the day she hadn't, so hopefully he never had a dull moment.

So my nephew took the train back North while I was on my last day at work today... and the correlation somehow makes both events bathe in some kind of melancholy. I'm still looking forward to vacation, but no matter how hectic it's been... it's been fun. The more the merrier. I finally woke up right on time today, no longer a few hours too early, and back to sleep again only to wake up bleary-eyed at the alarm. I felt tired before. I feel better now. Sleeping efficiently. It probably won't last, but I shall savor it while it does. Its been a stay with long days, many dues but no headaches, and when I ran to the bus yesterday I noticed... my runner's knee was fixed too! :D Freedom!

It's just a few more days before summer now, and I'm about to rummage through leftover posts and PMs and whatever needs catching up with. Some ends, and new beginnings. Away with melancholy and onto: a kind of work that I call hobby.


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