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The Day That Basked In Sunshine

I've been suffering the consequences of waaaay too much computer stress today. Bad headache.

I tried getting rid of it using all means available (except painkillers, I never use those) but it didn't take. So I've spent at least ten hours in bed and though I haven't been able to sleep at all I bobbed in and out of almost pleasant daydreams and it eventually faded away. As is always the case at times like these I'm wondering why these headaches always wait till nightfall before they decide to disappear? And is it the same for people all around the globe or is it just me?

Happy it's gone though. I just ate eight pancakes and after I post this I'm heading out for a late night walk before stumbling back to bed to probably not get any sleep at all. How can you possibly sleep after spending all day in bed anyway? Anyway, good night, and if you still have that suspense left you'll have to keep waiting a while, this week is so hectic things may need to be postponed a bit.


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