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The Dead 2 - India (2014)

The Dead 2 - India (2014)

I actually watched this sequel before the original, but as it turns out it was the right way to go, because the first one was definitely the better one of the two! I guess some would argue that the zombies are better acted in this one, that the chaos is a bit more perceptible, that the shaky cam adds to the suspense, etcetc, but I liked the sense of solitude in the first way better. The deserts, the open landscapes, the darkness... even the zombies slowness and apparent lack of understanding. Even the unreasonably in them being able to tear down the brick wall at the end, because I liked the end that followed. Even if it wasn't the happiest one possible.

This end, however, is not quite as hopeful. It's a deceptive hope... maybe a defective hope. The main character's not a better actor, unfortunately, and I don't fully appreciate his female counterpart either. The movie poses the same philosophical questions, such as: are the zombies swarming our planet a sign that things are wrong in the world? That we have overstepped our boundaries and we are being punished for our sins? But this time, these questions are being posed by people with a different religious background.

There is definitely more action in this movie than in the former. There's not just one vehicle. There's a car, there's a truck, there's a motorbike, there's even a paraglider; there are hordes of the dead running through city streets and countrysides alike, but when they reach the city... I don't feel the tension any longer. It's just too unreasonable. The zombies are grabbing onto his clothes, they're swarming him, they're everywhere... and still he's never bitten. In that sense, I preferred the isolation, where each close encounter felt real and each encounter was all the more suspenseful because of how long time passed between them. Here, it's just a mess. A mess of morals, love (a love that's proven by faith, but so glancingly introduced that we don't ever really get a sense of how powerful it is) and a world overrun by zombies.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the movie. And before I'd watched the first one, I may have given an overall more positive review too, but after that it feels like they've abandoned their fear. There's more, but the story is just not powerful enough to captivate me as the last one did.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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