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The Dead (2010)

The Dead (2010)

The Dead was a refreshingly laid-back and low-budget zombie movie in a wor4ld where the hordes seem to just be getting faster and faster, increasingly intense and excessively violent. There's violence here too. There's desperation. There is intensity (if you both to live into the movie and not just laugh off the signs that everything is indeed not professional Hollywood quality), but the most captivating part of this movie is: the isolation.

It takes place in Africa, at the edge of the ocean, where a missionary wakes up stranded, zombies closing in, desperately bashes open the lock on a crate of military equipment that suitably happened to drift onto the shore, and soon departs on a long journey to find a plane, or shelter, and to somehow escape the madness. The sceneries are beautiful, the actors are few and unknown - but not bad, the car they spend most of the movie driving around in is awesomely run-down and rusted, and their adventure tells the tale of human nature, of survival, friendship; hope.

And it is at its peak at the beginning, at the end, when he's trudging along steaming dunes of sand, leaving the zombie cripple to (I assume) conserve his ammo, but killing the second one in search of supplies. The movie goes full circle, and tells us why it's not really the ending that's the most important, or how it all started, but what happened in between. There's nothing unnecessary here, no romance added for the sake of selling, no violence for the sake of attracting an additional audience (only where it's needed), it's a down-to-Earth and slow yet captivating story which I do seriously consider one of the best zombie movies I've seen. Rob Freeman is a great main character too, as is Prince David Oseia. Great watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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