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The Dead A Walking Again

It's been a while since I watched some of this show. Caught up on two more seasons now. Picked it up again with eight and I just ate nine.

Spoilers may follow.

They keep it going the same way as always. Stirring conflict as soon as they find peace. Building new romances. Breaking old ones over conflict stirred. Bringing in suspicions and intrigue, the regular drama in addition to the common Walker threat.

I don't think they really can unite against it - not like Carl hoped - not as long as they want to keep the story going.

The firefight on the hill was a spectacular one, but a letdown at the same time. Season eight finale. And though my last blog post on this series had to have been about the season before it I felt like maybe I'd caught up on this one too a year or two back, but forgot all about it, because even with the surplus firefights and action here they keep on going through the same old shit. A little panic mode and then a little alone time, deep in the woods, friends and enemies (but mostly friends) interacting, and finding peace, and debating the common topic of what it means to survive, and at what cost it has to be done, and that there has to be 'something after'.

I don't like all of it, but it does have moments, and as far as dark and brooding and moments go maybe the eighth season was the highlight so far. I just hate that they draw it out so long, and yet the moments that really matter are now the ones that last the shortest. The sense of adventure's gone, too. There's communion instead. There's bickering between survivors instead of all out war against the Walkers, and I feel like that's probably the main reason the viewer numbers are dropping.

I mean just look at this graph:

Walking Dead Viewer Counts Per Episode (peaks around Season 5, drops off slowly but steadily after)

It's not strange is it? With this level of filler and repetition.

The special effects don't always hold either, even if the sets are elaborate, and they have a good cast. Strong personalities. Multiracial ones too. A gay couple. Four black and white couples and counting... if I counted right. I don't mind, I think it's great, I just feel like the main thing might've gotten off track when they have to make an effort to contend to all potential audiences more so than to keep the cast alive.

Maybe some people really think about this stuff though.

Glad to have the Neegan thing done with, and yet it's not, they just drag it on and on, on and on... and wiped out the remaining Saviors after the ring thing? When they finally seemed like decent people? The Sanctuary feels like a lost chapter. For a while plot progression slows down unnecessarily and then suddenly they just skip a big chunk. Imbalanced.

Feels like it's on the right way again from the middle of season 9 and onward though. With the fair, with the new foes, with Neegan suddenly an all the more likable and potentially more central part of the cast, and Judith is a real breath of fresh air.

I'm glad they kept Neegan alive after all. Shame about Jesus. Though I never really did get thoroughly introduced to him either. The new guys though... I think I'll get to like them again too. The ones that remain. Maybe it's getting better again, or maybe it just feels that way after a certain time.

Two seasons in... maybe that's enough to feel that way? But the whisperers and the winter really came with a new touch.

Memorable moment at the start of episode 14, season 8, too. Wholesome.

And there's another name to remember. S08E01 credits. John Bernecker.

He was a stunt guy, who on July 12, 2017 fell 20 feet onto a concrete floor during a stunt rehearsal, missing a safety cushion by inches, and sustained a severe head injury. He was taken to Atlanta Medical Center and placed on life support, but died from his injuries the following day.

RIP John. At least your memory will live on. Apparently his demise halted production of the series for some time.

As for the series? I suppose I may get back to it shortly. The next season should be coming soon, and this time I am a little intrigued to pick up where the ninth one left off...


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