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The Diminish Of Yet Another Free Webhost

Does all bad news come in trilogies? Well, here is the last part, hopefuly., the best free hosting provider ever, is giving up. Here is the finalizing statement :

Hey Everybody,

I have really worked hard for the last 6 months on Hspace, however, even though this was supposed to be a partnership, it quickly turned into a one man job. It is very hard administrating everything, and I have got in enough legal trouble. I am facing copyright infrigment, once more, and therefore I decided to pull the plug. The domain belongs to zac, and whatever he would like to do with it, is what he pleases.

For me, I have been hired by Enervate Gaming, a large gaming company in the United States and I will be working alongside with them. I am sorry for letting all of you down, but its bound to happen.

Execpt to see a 404 warnings in the next couple of days. I am giving you all 48 hours to backup your stuff.

Stay in touch though - moe88 ( - -


This was my posting stats before the site went down :

Welcome Cyberdevil!
HSP: 110.00
Posts: 54
Directory: Server 2
Size: 1/1000 MB

For information on the services they provided, view the additional info.

Our Goal:

To provide a free web solution service to the public, consisting of; Free web space, along with standard features, and an outstanding customer service and support.
To create a community for individuals across the world to come together for the purpose of sharing ideas/belifs/accomplishments with each other, only to recieve reviews, comments, or constructive criticism.

How to get started:

When you successfully register on our forum, you will automaticly get a directory on one of our servers. While bandwidth is unmetered, you will be allocated 1000 MB, and you can begin to upload files on that directory right away, through the HostingSpace Control Panel which is located in the forums.
You are alos required to be a positive contributor to our community by posting on our forums. When you post, quality posts, you will be rewarded with 5 HSPs (HostingSpace Points). With the HSPs you save you can then purchase additional space, features, or you can invest in your username to make it unique, at the Shop, located in the HostingSpace Control Panel!

Price List:

- +1000 MB Space - 80 HSP
- +2000 MB Space - 140 HSP
- +5000 MB Space - 300 HSP
- FTP Account - 80 HSP
- MySQL Database - 60 HSP
- Change Username Color - 50 HSP
- Bold/Un-Bold Username - 50 HSP
- Italicize/Un-Italicize Username - 50 HSP
- Underline/Un-Underline Username - 50 HSP


Hosting Rules
- Space provided is intended for websites, or forum hosting, it is not for file storage
- HotLinking (direct linking to the images or other multimedia files on our servers to your site - bandwidth theft) is stricly prohibited
- No adult content (gambling, pronogrophy) allowed
- No illegal files, or activity through our servers (i.e Child Pornography, Hacking, Warez)
- You are not allowed to try to or view others directories. That is considered hacking OUR servers, and I will not stand for it what so ever.

Forum Rules:

- You must be curtious at all times, therefore, you must not swear, or show improper behaviour towards others.
- Do not spam, for points, that will result in loss of points
- Listen to the Moderators and Admins (Even though I hate being bossy!)
- Your posts must be quality posts, and must contain a point. Babbling on, just to exceed 70 characters is considered spamming. You must post more than 70 characters to recieve your points

If you are caught breaking any of the above rules, you will be delt in the following fashion: This is not a particular order, we will take whatever measures
- You will be contacted, with instructions, failure to abide will cause a more severe consequence.
- You will be temporarly banned, and your directory suspended
- You will be banned, and your directory deleted
- Proper authorities will be notified

By using our services and posting on our forums, you agree to all the rules, and understand all the consequences.

-The HostingSpace Team


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  1. n3s
    Thursday Jun/8/2006

    You seemt to have had good stats too. :'(

  2. Cyberdevil
    Thursday Jun/8/2006

    Yeah, I really did. :'(

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