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The Dragon Unleashed (2019)

The Dragon Unleashed (2019)

Two topless shots, paintball firefights, head-exploding props, a bad-ass ninja suit, roses, romance, saturated hazy summer colors, a strange bond, a fun encounter, a somber scope on world politics and an ambiguous end.

I'm not entirely happy about the ending, or the pacing - the clunky choreography and the lacking foundation with regards to the relation, but I love the rest of it! I like the style. I like the fights. I like the characters, the mood and the message. It might be the start of something.

It feels like a brave but budget-limited attempt, but maybe all they really need is a new fight choreographer. Someone like Donnie Yen, who seems to have a flare for those romantic bits too. This could've been awesome all the way.

And roses. You really don't see a trail of those too often in a movie like this. It's a refreshing little cameo, and in a way this feels like a renescience. A new age of action unlike the earlier ones - with bits and pieces of all.

I hope they start a movement with this, or a niche. It's both fresh and traditional. Feels good, looks good, and still has that required trademark toughness.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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