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The Evil Cult (1993)

The Evil Cult (1993)

AKA Kung-Fu Master... or something like that. Anyway...

In this movie we watch as various masters and descendants and uncles and martial artists all get together and do various stances and kill different people and search for more power and fly all over the place and reach insanely high speeds running at the speed of wind.

Jet Li is somewhere in the very middle of this mess playing a lead character, beating up the bad guys, avenging his father, learning the Solar Stance and doing some great things. It's a mixture of martial arts and fantasy and quite frankly - I don't like it. I'd rather they just skip past that fantasy part and go all out martial-arts, maybe add a little good plot as extra spice. This was a good movie I guess, fast-paced, interesting all the way through, and I'll probably remember it because despite the mess there is some uniqueness to it, but I didn't really like it, much.

Oh, Samu Hung is in the movie too, though he doesn't do much fighting, just a little. He does teach the main character Jet Li Tai-Chi (hey, it rhymes!) to beat the master-villain, but it's a small light in a dark night. This movie is decent, it's actually a really good movie if you like the fantasy and martial arts mixture, but I don't, I like it a bit more realistic. Thus the mediocre score:

 rated 3/5: not bad


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