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The Fabelmans (2022)

The Fabelmans (2022)

What a wonderful movie this was.

It's the story of Steven Spielberg - an autobiography I presume - as told by himself. I wonder how much of it is real though. I wonder if these parents really were his parents, or if they were just like his parents. I wonder if he exaggerated certain scenes - like the praying session - if the room really was as it was in the movie or accentuated even more for the movie. I wonder about a lot of details like that as it all progresses. I wonder if the cigar in the final scene was real. I appreciate how they frame the horizon in the final scene. I appreciate the characters, and the nuances, and how they neither seem to leave any essential things out, nor make it too long. It jumps at the right time. It transitions perfectly. It shows why Steven really is as good as he is - and I guess he got a bit of that technical proficiency from his dad. And of course, the artistic side from his maybe. But really maybe he was more technical than an artist. The movies are art, but filming them is technical. Acting is art, directing is a science... no?

I'm glad they got Seth Rogen as Benny too! I did not expect to see him here.

A lot of things in the movie make more sense as they progress, and though Sam (the difference in name makes me wonder if he really is a truthful depiction of Steven after all... I need to read up on Spielberg) is never depicted as an alpha-like individual in any way, he certainly is a strong one. He certainly has conviction. In the end, I wonder if they painted him in a brighter light for this movie too. Was he really always that considerate, and truthful, and into what he was doing...

It's mostly drama this movie, with a little comedy, and a little conflict - more so with the close family than with anyone else - but even though the premise doesn't sell (I'm not an action aficionado y'know) the movie itself blows me away. Like for real. Like this was quite the experience...

I feel like I learned something. And I love the scenery, the cars; the characters of the 1950's too. I wonder if the language in the movie was as it really was back than. The accentuation. The grammar. It doesn't seem all that different from how it is now... maybe Steven changed it just enough to both make it authentic, but also to make it not all too strange from the lingo we speak today. To make you both feel at home, and to appreciate the times as they were, back then. As not too different, but very different, after all...

I love this movie. Need to watch a bit more of Steven's stuff - I really only know the most known ones.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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