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The Flames Of Progress

I've been following the newsletter on this STOP 5G THING for a while now, and every once in a while these gems pop into my inbox that make me want to throw my phone in a river and never get one again.

Instead I ordered a new one the other day, since the screen just cracked on my current one... one with lower SAR values at least.

Of course this makes little difference. Not for me; nor for others. I'm making other changes, spreading information when I can, but sometimes the endeavors seem hopeless. When people with the power to make a difference are either naive or in denial, and people in power are fierce and fatalistic, or don't believe these problems apply to them.

But I'll leave an excerpt from that letter below, if maybe it inspires you to change something about your life. Or the world. Or both. You can read the full thing here. Alternatively subscribe yourself via the first link.

I have been entrusted with the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, but I find myself bewildered -- bewildered by the devastation around me; by the destruction of the cathedral of life into which I was born; by the silencing of the songs of the fifty million other species with whom I was raised; by the failure of my fellow human beings to care or to notice. How can they not miss their brothers and sisters? How can they not miss the magnificent symphony? How is it possible?
“The oceans are dying,” wrote Jacques Cousteau in 1970. “Can anyone believe it is possible,” wrote Rachel Carson in 1962, “to lay down such a barrage of poisons on the surface of the earth without making it unfit for all life?” “I have seen too much,” said microwave researcher Allan Frey in 1969, explaining why he did research on animals and not humans. “I do not feel that I can take people into these fields and expose them and in all honesty indicate to them that they are going into something safe.”
Yet here we are half a century later: there will soon be more plastics than fish in the oceans, the world uses four times more pesticides per year than in 1962, and five billion people are holding open sources of microwave radiation in their hands.
The Earth is burning, yet no firefighters come. In the face of certain catastrophe, everyone is going about their business as if everything is fine, as if by magic the synthetic fibers in our clothing and the rubber tires on our automobiles will stop becoming microplastics in the sea; as if the few insects left in the world will magically escape the pesticides that we apply to our lawns and the radiation from the cell phones into which we speak. Everyone is still going about their business as if everything is fine. Isn’t it time that we stop? And since the most immediate threat to life comes from our cell phones, isn’t it time to throw them away?

It is, isn't it? If not to throw them away for good then at least to make a change. Make them better. Chop down some towers. Find a healthier form of transmission than microwaves, that don't just make us tired and weak, but have the potential to destroy both humankind and the world as we know it. Really. STOP 5G.


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Mar/11/2020

    Poetic excerpt, but the guy is probably typing from a MacBook while he drinks a vegan organic green coffee, and has sex regularly, so I can't help but roll my eyes a little when I read remarks like "destruction of this cathedral life around me". Seriously, if he owns a Mac, I will erect giant 5G towers around his apartment (and lure Dr. Mercola there) just to spite him...

    1. 5G is radio waves, not microwaves

    2. Neither microwaves or radio waves cause ionizing radiation. All things equal, you get more biological damage going outside without sunscreen from exposure to solar UV rays

    3. Theories that phones cause cancer dates back to the 90s. 1G, 2G, 3G are all increasingly powerful, to which concern has proportionately risen (in part thanks to the internet proliferating alternative theories and growing dissent in governments) thus inherently posing greater risk, but do they really exceed theorized scientific limits for exposure?

    4. I'm not convinced 5G is the ominous catalyst triggering the downfall of humankind...But rather, (some previously mentioned) the exponential rise of general technology, both in production and usage, and the correlated increase of sedentary lifestyles; industrialization; the inevitable entropy of seed & soil; general pollution; rise in human population; declining bee population; decrease in fossil fuels; degradation of quality memes, etc. I say this, while the average lifespan is as high as it has ever been, and the general quality of life (for at least the 1st and 2nd world) is continuously improving.

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Mar/11/2020

    Not a fan of Apple hmm? They're one of few brands actually working towards a fully sustainable manufacturing line, as far as I hear, but in the end it is a business indeed. I think my nephew's winning me over, man, I haven't really been an Apple fan either since the way back Performa days...

    Was picturing more of an old man with white hair and a bread (edit: a beard I mean lmao), aristocratic-like, yet clear-eyed and kind, sitting in a formidable dark wood office somewhere typing things out on very basic stationary hardware - brand unimportant, taking care of most correspondence by hand or land-line phone. I assume my image is a bit off but I do admire the dude. Working heavy on the cause.

    1. Radio waves above 300 MHz are classed as microwaves, so all current phone-based broadcasting technologies fall under this spectrum as well, 2G 3G 4G 5G and beyond. At some point it'll theoretically move into the infrared range, if it's at all possible/beneficial with waves as short as they get in the THz ranges.

    2. Ionizing radiation isn't the only dangerous form though. People keep comparing these things to natural radiation, yet natural radiation is something we've lived with for millions of years. Surely it seems reasonable we've learned to adapt to these ancient, naturally occurring forms by now (if you were religious you could argue they were made for us - UV radiation in particular a divine energy that enriches our lives, gives us vitamins, regulates melatonin production and lets us eye the world in a spectrum of color), but not so much to the types we ourselves are creating now, with both larger frequency ranges and stronger broadcasts for each year that goes? Frequencies that are, in nature, virtually nonexistent.

    Dwindling insect populations should tell us something. That almost a tenth of the population show signs of sensitivity towards EMF. The rapid increase of cancer, depression and general disease. Surely not all to do with RF in particular, but there's plenty of research as to how it affects the immune system, how even low frequencies can cause irreparable DNA damage; how it changes our mood and mindset. It might not be a decisive factor at this point, but I'd at least think it's a heavily contributing one in regard to most of our modern day ailments. We've yet to document the long-term effects since it's A.) still all relatively new technology and even more probably B.) incredibly big business.

    There's just too much IMO. Back when we only had sparse 2G and regular radio RF levels would be 0,0001 mW/m2 or less in a regular household. We're currently up at 0,6 on the upper floor, 0,05 on the lower one, and this without any smart devices or Wifi of our own, and in a relatively spacious neighborhood. When long-term exposure at levels as low as 0,0005 mW/m2 can cause DNA damage this is starting to feel pretty crazy. Some established guidelines as to precautionary limits here:

    EU Parliament STOA 2001: 0.1 mW/m2
    Seletun Scientific Statement 2011: 0.17 mW/m2
    New Salzburg Precautionary Exposure Limit Outdoor: 0.01 mW/m2 (0.001 indoors)

    SBM 2008 recommends 0.0001 for sleeping areas.

    International 'safety guidelines' are ten thousand times higher than the highest of these.

    I don't know if any of the research I'd link to would convince you, might be you see it as being from dubious sources or without justifiable result, but feel free to dig around, though I hope you don't trust government or lobby organizations. ICNIRP for example have industry ties.

    3. I think so, yes. Scientists have been voicing concerns for so long at this point, it just seems like way too big commercial interests in their way, with increasing demand/comfortability of the masses. I hope we're reaching a tipping point though. Digital detoxes are becoming a thing. There's gotta be a line somewhere.

    4. Memes lol. I agree with all of this, though I feel the way we keep trivializing the dangers of new technology is going to be our downfall as well. Putting up thousands of satellites into our magnetosphere seems dangerous enough, with the unknown implications that'll have for the planet. It's a layer we rely on for so much, and probably don't know the true extent as to the function of. Not just weather forecasts.

    Lifespans are high as ever right now, true, but the people who are growing old now are people who grew up before all of this was a thing. There's so much that's gone wrong with our lifestyles since, from pasteurization and the processing of our foods to pesticides and pollution and this whole microwave thing. How do you think our generation will fare after this? I'm not so hopeful about increasing lifespans. I think we'll start seeing a decline in 10-20 years if people don't start figuring things out. Or we get healthcare with benefits that outweigh the downsides of these new times. The stem cell injection stuff seems interesting...

    I can't help feel like you might be living in denial a bit too though. Is quality of life really improving, even in that first and foremost world? We all seem to be living in some veil of ignorance as to the shortcomings of our species.

    Gotta keep pushing for that big turn and realization.

  3. S3C
    Saturday Apr/4/2020

    So I've been caught in a plethora of conversations this past few weeks, delaying some of them, or just responding to the low hanging fruits. I'm not used to my phone and email inbox blowing up like it has and I've been ignoring much of it for making lowbrow sh!tposts online. And then I remember that I'm still employed and should fulfill my 45 hours per week (this used to be nothing, I've done 90-100 hours week before hence my NewGrounds sabbaticals). even if I'm setting my own hours minus a few scheduled Skype meetings and no one is looking over my shoulders.

    Denial? Maybe a little. I don't want to live in fear and have to avoid activities that I like doing. I'm just taking the 'opponent' approach here for the sake of developing our analysis on the subject. I am concerned about the development of 5G, just not seeing enough experiments that are repeatable and have undergone the scientific method to be convinced that they will introduce signficantly more harm into the environment compared to 3G, 4G, WiFi. I recognize that it may not be in the best interest of the 'powers that may be' to robustly test this stuff. I was at a large 5G seminar last month about integrating 5G technologies at work, and there wasn't a single person in the room that had a question about related health issues.

    I stand corrected on the radiowaves vs microwaves then. I'm referencing this large document here (just a general document on EMF, no 5G):

    There is no reported, consistent evidence that radiowaves or non-ionizing radiowaves cause DNA-based damage. Now, of course any wave with high enough amplitude will cook you, that's why going near giant radio broadcast towers are forbidden.

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