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The Forum

Less then 1% of the visitors coming here to my site go to the forums, and I encourage you to go there and sign up. Without members a forum is dead, so I'm happy for anyone able to sign up!


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday May/18/2016

    cool! registered.

  2. Cyber
    Thursday May/19/2016

    Would be pretty cool if there was still one lying around that I'd forgotten about. :) Gonna have to open up a new one some day! Everyone who used to hang out at the old forums seem to have moved on elsewhere though *cough*Facebook*cough*.

  3. S3C
    Thursday May/19/2016


  4. Cyber
    Thursday May/19/2016

    Aw yeah, there was that one! XD Looks like it's no longer online. I did find a nice nostalgic surprise though:

  5. biterr
    Tuesday Nov/8/2022

    Open new one. I will be probably only one active...

  6. Cyber
    Tuesday Nov/8/2022

    Yeaah I think I'll wait for a time when there may be at least TWO active users. Including myself... takes some time to manage a community if it does start getting active.

    Though I appreciate the commitment! If there's at least a handful of people really interested in this I'll start it up again fo rizzle!

  7. your mom
    Monday May/6/2024

  8. Cyber
    Tuesday May/7/2024

    Potential second active user or same user as earlier hmm?

    I wonder...

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