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The Gentleman (2019)

The Gentleman (2019)

British gangster movies have always felt a little off to me somehow. Violent, criminal, but never really as classy as the Hollywood ones. American Gangster. The Departed. Casino. That kind.

But those didn't have Matthew McConaughey, or Charlie Hunnam, or Hugh Grant. They might have had Colin Farrell, but not this kind of Colin Farrell either.

When they mix it up like this? Well then it's a different ballgame. Best of both worlds. The British richness of storytelling, their eccentricity, and the American ambition, and attitude, and all the nuances that make a character a character. Even if it's mostly Matthew. He is the character.

The Gentleman.

It's not just that though. It's the music too. The smoke and haze. The bits of comedy and darkness alike, like when Ray creeps out from the shadow to confront Fletcher when they're carrying the corpse from the freezer.

They leave us these little clues as well.

But where it excels is where most Hollywood movies have problems these days. With the script and narrative. With the details they leave out intent­ionally, and the ones they leave in, and how they play not only with words and nuances but also the very fabric of time and space itself. The fourth wall, even, if only for a short while with the intro.

I haven't felt as delighted, fulfilled and kindled by a movie in a long time as I did with this one.

The name suits it too. Calm, considerate and composed men, with class and intellect yet not without the mind to do what they have to. The ones capable of greater things. That's who they are. Gentlemen.

I went to a pre-screening of this one earlier this year btw. What a treat! Stood in line over an hour for the tickets but: worth it. Couldn't have chosen a better one to go to, and it was free too. Thank you SF.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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