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The Golf Course

Exclusive pictures from the best golf course in Scandinavia (!), which we happen to live beside. Yearly membership costs more than I dream of earning and instead of playing a few games you could buy a brand new computer. So - I don't play golf here. I just walk. The scenery is beautiful. Here's a munchbite. :)

Green Grass, Blue Water

Wide Lake

Main Course


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  1. S3C
    Monday Dec/25/2017

    nice! looks a lot nicer than the golf course I used to live in (the course is intertwined between neighborhoods). Especially now that the owner got bankrupt and couldn't pay the water bill XD.

  2. Cyber
    Monday Dec/25/2017

    Oh man. XD Pics? Golf course name? Unfortunately a lot of nature was exploited in the building of this thing, and civilization's crept a bit further into the surrounding scenery since these pictures were taken, but it's still a nice place to live beside. Makes for long walks whenever time allows it; especially in winter when it's closed down and empty.

  3. Cyber
    Monday Dec/25/2017

    Maybe I should take some winter pictures hmm...

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