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  1. Amaranthus
    Sunday Apr/5/2015

    I must be the first person to ever comment here.

  2. Amaranthus
    Sunday Apr/5/2015

    Oh gross that cheetah picture is there I'm out of here.

  3. Cyber
    Sunday Apr/5/2015

    First on this post at least! ;) Comment #1,440 in total, though comment activity really goes in waves it seems, limited to mostly those by a few good buddies (but everyone's welcome to comment! You reading this, random very welcome stranger of the Net?). You can check out some live counters here if you like:

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Apr/5/2015

    And btw, that cheetah can be changed you know? It's a globally recognized avatar tied to the email you use:

    ... which is used by default on all sites powered by WordPress. One account to rule them all!

  5. S3C
    Friday Apr/10/2015

    oh cool what's up Amaranthus!! there's actually three of us (Cyberdevil-Doomroar-S3C) around these parts.

    btw, hoping for grammar, geography, and gender studies to be phased out from education systems...

  6. Cyber
    Friday Apr/10/2015

    Hehe, we're becoming like a secret society, an inner circle, a trio of peeps lurking where the comments are dispersed thin, living within eons of sleep.

    Hmm do we even have gender studies? Sex ed? Or is there something my school(s) haven't been teaching me?? The school system could definitely use a reform, but grammar man, Van Damn! That fundamental of equal speech; ability to reach and relate to peeps through writing! Less geographical knowledge might have an interesting effect on globalization though; nationalism... I can dig that.

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