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The Grapes Of Death (1978)

The Grapes Of Death (1978)

AKA Les Raisins de la Mort (sounds even better in French).

They build this one up masterfully! You know what's going on from the start, but they don't. Not until it's over. And not even then. The acting may not always be perfect, and they captured the boom mic in one shot...

Death Grapes Mishap

(Brighter image where you see it clearly.)

...but there's a type of intensity and artful morbidity and sensuality here otherwise that it seems few movies manage. There's no soundtrack that takes over. No special effects. No rush.

There's just pesticide, passion and cheap props. Wine and good times like '99! Beautiful but eerily abandoned lands and villagers that stare at you like the ones in Resident Evil 4 do...

It's a mood, and I love it.

Was thinking about giving it a full five, but you know, in terms of quality and all it's still realistically more a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

But this is the type of B-movie I cherish. My favorite kind.

One that's clearly on a budget, but done so well that it doesn't matter. Where they don't try to complicate things, or impress you, or to have extraneously special props or effects - they get creative with it. And have fun. And get things right. As long as the characters are unique. As long as the atmosphere's good. As long as there's distinction, and build, and continuity.

In the torchlight Brigitte sure was beautiful too... never mind the non-impressive visual thing. The visuals do impress too. In their truest nuance. The human hue.



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