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The Great Wall (2016)

The Great Wall (2016)

Eastern and Western? Humans and Demons? A grand battlefield at the edge of civilization, where myth meets the only manmade landmark visible from outer space? It's a masterful mix! It's also much less of a cultural clash than similar hybrids like The Last Samurai. That some of the Chinese actors actually speak English within the movie greatly helps bridge that divide, even if it also seems like a real shortcut in telling their story. Their actually being able to speak English is given a suitable explanation as well.

Matt Damon is great as always, Tian Jing is beautiful (and great), Andy Lau was a face I should've recognized, and both Willem Dafoe and Pedro Pascal fit in perfectly as the other two Westerners in the movie. What I thought would be a pretty low-class film turned out to be... amazing! It's about the Great Wall of China, and an army under the lead of the Order With No Name, defending humanity against a threat they don't even know about.

There's a message too. Something about greed. It ends with melancholy, even though it went as well as it could possibly go. Heroic, majestic, and POWERFUL. Love the action. Love the discipline. Love the detail. Love the explosions, costumes, creativity and chaos. And how Dafoe's eyes are finally opened in the end. That's the kind of movie this was!

Maybe I just love Asian culture overall; maybe their movies really are in a class of their own, even with a Western element. Either way this was great.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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