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The Green Hornet (2011)

The Green Hornet (2011)

I thought I'd already seen this movie, but as it turns out the movie I was thinking of was The Green Lantern. I started getting doubts it was the same movie, and doubting I'd like this one, when I saw Seth Rogen as main character. Cause that guy usually just goes overboard... and he did... but it was great! The quiet Asian guy (Jay Chou - guy from Kung Fu Dunk!!) balances it out. And a little going overboard is still better than the movie going over bored!

The plot is this: Britt Reid is a rich, spoiled (but badly parented) son, and when his father suddenly dies he's kinda sad, but he never liked his dad anyway and doesn't care much for following in his footsteps. He wakes up a morning after firing all of his dad's former employees and finds out he also fired the guy who made his awesome morning coffee, and in getting him back, he realizes that this guy (Kato - the Asian guy) didn't make just coffee. They end up going on adventures, kicking ass and being heroes... and villains... and getting into trouble with both men of the law and with lethal goons alike. But they're the unconventional heroes. They're helping people without their knowing, without exposing their good intentions and leaving them vulnerable to attack, as Seth so wisely points out (in my wording).

Eventually they uncover a huge conspiracy and Britt Reid, the irresponsible rich kid, decides/is forced to man up a little and start doing the right things. As with the old Green Hornet series, where Bruce Lee played Kato, Kato is always left in the sideline, always the sidekick, always just that 'little Asian guy' even though he's the one doing 90% of all the ass whooping. In difference from the old series, they make a joke out of it, and he eventually somewhat gets the justice he deserves.

It's a fun and well-written retake on an old classic, and I'm happy to see Jay Chou make his way to America! And what an honor to play the role formerly attributed to the legendary Lee, Bruce! And his English isn't bad either. Do I have prejudice against Asian people's lingual potentials or what? Too much Jackie Chan...

Anyway, the fight scenes in this movie didn't really showcase his full potential, I'm not sure I liked that tunneling kind of red battle-mode vision, but I hope he has a chance to unleash some of his awesome Kung Fu Fury in a just-around-the-corner blockbuster soon! This was a good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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